Price prediction.

  1. Agreed! With all the hype SaitaPro has around it and the support the devs have for it, I believe SaitaPro will exceed expectations and be a surprise the crypto market desperately needs.

  2. I agree 100% about Max. He was in over his head. It hurt everyone. Now I’m not saying we would still have been at the same price as November right now, but the constant failures didn’t help

  3. I agree. With all of the utility in play, enough hyper burn, an amazing Saitapro, and a market recovery, I can see more than a $1 Saitama v2. It's not wishful thinking, either.

  4. I will know more when I eventually receive mine. Probably the same with everyone. Not buying more til they are done. Not really excited about all this because my 100...went to right now..just in a holding pattern.

  5. Very much dependent on three factors. The Market, the Product, and Exchanges. Really until the air drops have been completed, I don't see much movement until then unless it's due to a market shift. After air drops, I can see us adding exchanges and Saitapro coming on line, which should be enough to help move us up towards a top 100 coin very shortly. This should then bring us closer to reaching $1. I think if things go back towards normal with the markets we will likely see the $1 mark by end of the year, as for the likelyhood of this happening i think it doesn't look that great. But crypto doesn't always follow the markets exactly either.

  6. Yup! We should be back in the top 100 tokens of the crypto world shortly, assuming CMC/Coingecko gets our listing corrected. All starts with SaitaPro though, but once people realize the strong utility we have, look out!

  7. I did some search in cardano token the price is almost the same as saitama so in 2 to 4 years I agreed 100% to reach a minimum of $1 don’t forget the burning is going to make saitama more valuable burning means less tokens skyrocket the price and all the new exchanges that are coming this year the whales and millions of investors from Dubai and others countries just think for minute how wealthy you can be if you buy and hold saitama I think is one of the best investments in crypto

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