Can Saitama V2 reach $2?

  1. Our ath for the new V2 would be .15$ and we would be at the equivalent previous ath. 1$ is a massive reach in my opinion max maybe .50$

  2. Probably focus on increasing price... It's down.. I'm down .. way down... And there's no light for crypto ATM... At all... So it may be awhile before we even see an increase at all... Lucky if we don't go any lower honestly... I'll be buying more when I can esp if it gets down farther in the next few months

  3. Nope, with say a 40B supply, 2$ price would have to be a 80 billion dollar market cap, we are now over one year in and we have literally 0 utility, and most people have 0 coins, I’ll let you do the math if 2$ is possible….. .25 cents maybe one day

  4. I don’t think ppl realize what goes into this whole migration. It’s a shit ton of work for a small team. I’m actually surprised they they are completing it.

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