How much Saitama should I have?

  1. I never understood why people are so free to tell strangers how much they are holding!! I mean people would not tell strangers how much money they have in the bank, but when it comes to crypto some people make a post asking and telling how much they i the only one that finds this disturbing?

  2. Bro! Calm down. Lol. You don’t know me, so idgaf bout what you think about my bag. All I care bout is if my bag is big enough and this is the only place to do it. Not one person I know personally is into crypto. Therefore here I am asking for input.

  3. Billions is definitely respectable, but end of the day you gotta buy as much as you can financially afford :D Don't over leverage and put more in you can afford to lose, goes for any investment tbh. I think for alot of people 100-500 billy is a nice range especially for medium term good gains, 1 trilly short term though is a great goal. :D

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