We break 300 and were going back to murder zero's mode

  1. I saw a post on here that seemed to go unnoticed but was an alarming find. One of the members here said the whale wallets cash out the reflections they receive almost everyday. This results in the liquidity pool being drained everytime more liquidity is added by new holders. I’m still holding though lol. Definitely not buying more

  2. Tbh the liquidity for saitama is actually better than a lot of other coins. Not saying the whales aren't selling daily reflections but that's only a fraction of a percent a day. The devs said saitamask had a liquidity issue and people went wild with it. The main reason for the price drop is people selling. I'd be curious of the 330k holders how many have more than $50 in saitama.

  3. It’s estimated that the top two wallets get an average of about 100 billion in reflections daily. That’s a lot but even if they cashed in their reflections every day, at the current price of saitama, they would be getting about $2000 a day. Now let’s say if there were 100 wallets that had over 1 quadrillion tokens (the total supply before the burn) that would still only come out to $2 million a day. So even if the top wallets do cash in their reflections daily, it’s not going to have a huge impact on the price.

  4. No one cares if a whale sells reflections. They all end up in the burn wallet in the end. Keep on transacting! It was meant to be transacted, the design will win.

  5. In regard to reflections, if they do prevent Saitama from getting listed on some of the major exchanges (as I’ve read from some people) wouldn’t their existence be a net negative for us?

  6. I don't understand. My brain (& yes it's a pretty simple brain haha) says that the reflections that these "whale" wallets receive & then sell those tokens came out of the liquidity pool pairing when they were bought initially by others with Eth that went in to the liquidity hence them being reflections so that'd mean they're only putting tokens back in to the pool that the tokens came out of right? What would destroy the liquidity would be say coins weren't bought and had been airdropped or sent without ever coming from the pool aka possibly dev's that sent someone tokens out of the supply that hadn't been entered in to the pool at all & bought & then these were sold back in to the pool.

  7. Not if there selling their reflections on exchanges, doesn’t touch liquidity it is sold straight to someone else. Only being sold on uniswap hurts price

  8. Are you talking about the post that claimed whales sell $10,000 worth of reflections daily … because I’m pretty sure that just doesn’t add up, since we’re looking at $9m daily trading.. hard to believe anyones getting $10,000 in reflections daily.

  9. Hold strong guys and buy as much as you can. I bought Saitama, NFTBOOKS, Paragon capital in this red market. Always buy the dip.

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