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  1. If you check around OP you will see this same concern in almost every new project...i think the problem people have right now with crypto is TRUST...with all the rugs and scams and hacks..can you blame people? No....but it also seems that with that fear now new investors going to every new sub thinking its a rug..fudding their own money because they " only put in a little so its play money"... This mentality is destroying a lot of good new project because of fear 😨...people are looking for things to say " i told you".... Just put your phone away and stop looking at price and reddit everyday...it gets toxic...your mental will thank you 👍

  2. I wonder .Is Impactx still on Saitamask.? I don't trust that token either. I got out of it quickly. The whitepaper says a lot of things without saying anything.

  3. I never thought of it that way. Good analysis. No other option but to hold and hope for the best. It sucks because a lot of people including myself fell for the hype and got their hopes up. I put in $300 at the end of July and watched the dev team and the community go through everything. We will make it one day

  4. So is it too late then to put a stop to this? I hear what you are saying and it makes absolute sense. how can it be allowed for a couple whales to completely kill price.

  5. So they're just farming reflections. You're right. It's a scam coin. Probably the devs doing it too.

  6. Makes sense, I got in at the top, if I sell now I take a loss, yes saitama has a lot of fud, yes a lot of investors are mad at the devs. But now we just have to ride it out. Big listings won’t happen for a couple of years. Tokenomics is one of the reasons.

  7. My first post about this was long before Vegas event... I pointed out biggest wallets and made a calculation of the first 50 wallets related to their reflections... At this time ppls called me fud, got also banned here... This project couldn't work...

  8. At this rate, I would say just hold till everything rises and where people can make a tiny profit and or break even and cash out, well at least thats my plan. Sorry wolf pack, I've just given up on the devs.

  9. Yeah I figured , I knew this burn and reflection model was just a scam . It make sense for everyone to make these type of tokens . I believe the reflections should be 1% with 10% burn rate. I think more people need to see this post. As long as we keep holding and they only sell reflections price won't have any significant increase .

  10. So you are saying they wouldn't want to list on an exchange since the top wallets are making money off of reflections? Makes sense.

  11. Only an individual with major IQ DEFICIT can call this thought FUD when the evidence shows the opposite of uncertainty and doubt. Thank you for your honesty👍🏻

  12. Dude was hired at a museum in 2016. 3 months later was put on probation for 3 years with a suspended sentence. Comes out of the woodwork and now drives a lambo. It was always meant to be this way.

  13. Whales aren’t touching this shit coin with a 10 foot stick. If you can pull out now do it or wait until you break even lol

  14. And held a hell of a lot more. Reflections only benefit those with huge bags, 1 mill+. Everyone else are just catching crumbs

  15. Man I got in super early qnd I'm holding this 100 b I sold 200 b at the 15 and the 8s so I'm straight either way but I'm holding the rest.

  16. I didnt understand exactly what you mean. I think the the tokens are fairly disturbed fairly and correct me if i am wrong 56% dead wallet then after the top 50 holders, the highest is max 1.09% and reducing till reach 0.12% (#50).

  17. How about liquidity that has been pulled out from Uniswap and moved into CEX’s? Gate for example it only shows 1 single wallet, so we can’t see how much liquidity is on gate.io or how many saitama holders are in there.

  18. This is exactly why I took my profit this week. I'm putting it all into BlocVault. They have a whole defi suite of modules coming to their app. No high gas fees, 2% of sales goes to liquidity pool, 3% reflections and 1% burn... Plus staking will be released with the launch. It's amazing how far ahead BlocVault is when they are just getting started.

  19. I sold 90% of my positions and actually made money @ this point if I loose the 10% that I kept I'm still up but I got the feeling that this project is done. Good luck Wolfpack I think you are going to need it.

  20. Dude how about you get a fucking life and spread some more positive vibes!?!? You a Wolfpack holder and all you do is talk smack and cry around. Why not invest in a lifetime supply of tissues! Cry baby!

  21. My bad. I joined at 9000s first, but I bought more at 6000s. I remember vividly that after I first joined, it quickly fell and stuck to a bit of a lower amount. Point would stand regardless the exact numbers, it's there.

  22. You're over-thinking letting competitors fud manipulate you. There has been over a trillion dollars leave the crypto market's. The volume has been dramatically reduced since December especially in saitama.

  23. This is my hunch......but I reckon that we might not see saitamask launch until end of may 2022 because thats when the liquidity is unlocked.

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