is shiba really going to moon?(seriouspost)

  1. I look back at the time I bought $2K worth of dogecoin…Had I held I could’ve cashed out over $500K ($700K at the highs but I admittedly wouldn’t have sold the high) Instead I sold out at 6K and beat my chest as if I was Gods gift to investing. Point is, don’t listen to anyone telling you to sell your SHIB. They’ve made their mind up on it not 100Xing from here. They want you to agree with them because subconsciously they don’t want to be wrong and miss out. Their attitude is a defense mechanism, ignore them. My SHIB will be worth over 100K one day or it will go to 0, and I’m not selling unless I get to 100.

  2. Very true, the same haters on every thread do not want to see SHIBA do good because they will miss it. Others are upset they bought at the all time high, which does suck but everyone has done it at some point. I’ve learned to buy when things look low and dark, wait out. I’ve very excited about my SHIBA collection. 1.5 years and still going

  3. I have been DCA to bring my average way down. When it runs (I think it will run but no idea where), I will take out my original investment and let the rest ride. Just to see where it gets.

  4. Only time will tell, and the ones who hold will either reap the benefits or the losses.. nobody knows, but this community is one of the best in crypto, so I don't see why it won't moon

  5. Buy a billion and sit on it…if it hits, winner…if not, well who cares. It’s gambling…don’t invest if you can’t drink it away.

  6. No. The market is recovering slightly on the relatively good economic news of late. It’ll likely fall with any sign of bad news or more rate hikes from the Fed (they’re meeting again soon). The entire market is still down 80% from last October. Shib is following Bitcoin’s trajectory. Ethereum is outperforming Shib.

  7. Unfortunately the "good" news is fake news. The midterms are right around the corner and the democrats are desperate.

  8. The economy of the world is in shit. REAL assets are in the toilet. SHIB will be low for a long time.

  9. It takes time . Just wait it out . I bought 300 dollars worth back in late February 2021 . Watched it climb to 25k and held . Watched the 25k go back to 4.5k. Still waited patiently , until the huge bull run hit . I cashed out for 210k . It takes time but shiba can deff make money for the patient ones . Just my experience and opinion.

  10. No, everyone that’s holding rn is waiting for it to get to their break even so they can cash out and move on. There’s not as much loyalty to the coin as there once was

  11. The whole market is climbing back up stop worrying about it buy 5.00 dollars worth of Tectonic and thank me in 5 years

  12. Tell me why,I have billions just for the free tokens daily hopefully in 4 years i am getting decent money daily

  13. No. No serious use case, and the initial hype is gone. Why would it? There are so, so many projects with way better tech and teams. The spark around doge and any offshoots has faded and the crypto space has evolved beyond that now.

  14. Shiba will not pass 0.00003 again. And much more likely to go to zero before it even reaches the above. Now, go and downvote me.

  15. Shiba is a 7-10 year play. It’s not going to Moon anytime soon. Buy as much as you can and sit and wait. Treat this as a retirement plan. What you should monitor is the enthusiasm of the community. That will let you know if you have a good buy or not

  16. It already mooned in 2021 my friend. It dropped 6 zeroes how much more do you think you can squeeze from a juiced lemon with 550 trillion other lemons available?

  17. Yes, definitely. Go ahead and finance your dream home and Lambo now and it'll all be paid off before your first installment.

  18. Personally, I’ve been buying and selling the pattern for bitcoin and buying as I can for Shib to drop my average back down closer to where I started at 0.00000650 area. Obviously I won’t get it down that far but anything below a 000015 avg is good enough for me.

  19. Since you asked a serious question, I'll give you a non-hopium response. Not trying to FUD, but the market cap is already at 6 billion. There would have to be a massive push from big BIG money to make it "moon" at this point. At the end of the day it is a meme coin, that being said it has had one hell of an impressive run. I could be wrong but I don't think big banking, governments, and society as a whole are going to seriously put their future in SHIB or DOGE. Neither project was created with any use case in mind and still have no real use case being developed other than "an alternative means of payment". Not financial advice but I've been looking at more serious projects lately. I still like to play on memes every once in a while but not as my primary investment.

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