I just made another $500 with $shib

  1. Please everyone report this guy he's lying though his teeth untill he posts some screenshots of his trading record lying only harms thr community's creditibilty thus Harming shibs future guy claims to have made 4700% gain with 1k tradings a risky business I do in my spare time numbers like this are unreal unless you stuck gold with options, day trading with shib would not give you this result he would have blown his account ages ago with to much leverage

  2. If you have a good strategy, you can get them returns easily on leverage. I made a strategy that returns 20x every 30 trades but you need to use 20x leverage lol.

  3. It's actually sad that someone doesn't have that much going on with their lives that they keep lying to impress a bunch of strangers they have never met or will ever meet dude always here if you need a shoulder to cry on

  4. Proof or ban Let’s play with WSB rules 🤣🤣 JK. Good job my friend wish I had that luck every time I try to swing trade crytpo I end up having to DCA at the end. Have to just hold my big bags and wait for the next bull run whenever might that be.

  5. Actually with crypto, it’s in your best interest to sell at a loss and rebuy the same asset, since you can write it off on tax and benefit from the upward movement after

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