I have a potentially massive business partnerSHIB idea. Anybody know how to contact Shytoshi or anyone real from the SHIB team?

  1. Key words: Kind and not annoying. OP is the opposite of both but good luck anyways. Make sure and DM me when your idea fails miserably.

  2. Bitpay is very responsive to messages. I tried to get my work a large hospital system in Philadelphia to accept crypto for payment and also offer to pay is in crypto. Unfortunately they weren’t interested 😢

  3. Twitter?. Private message?. I’m not on the tweet so no idea. But HE’s on there… or just get ahold of Vitalik Buterin or Elon Musk since there the ones really behind it.. 😉

  4. Yeah I don't use Twitter either. I didn't imagine they would see or respond to just whoever. Maybe that works? edit You can stop downvoting me, he has his messaging turned off, so I can't even.

  5. Thanks! The few people who I've told about irl were also convinced it is a huge opportunity. I know talk is cheap, but let's hope I'm onto something for all our sake! It's a big enough idea to significantly increase SHIB's visibility and bring in millions of new people.

  6. What do you have in mind? If someone can provide actual value (in the form of real contact with the dev team) I'd be more than happy to work something out. Keep in mind I am not easy to scam, if you were just planning to attempt something like that.

  7. It ain't homie. Not everyone is a 🤡 like you! I've already gotten ahold of them. How do you think anyone else managed to collaborate with SHIB? Some people have real ideas, not just jealous projections about their own ineptitude.

  8. It would be mutually beneficial, and highly lucrative for the SHIB team. However, I don't see how talking to you about it would help me, unless you have expertise in relevant fields. Sorry friend!

  9. So you can help Shiba and the world yet you are so selfish you don’t wanna put that idea out there?. Either you are a troll or a greedy bastard

  10. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard ....share the idea and if it's good enough I may have the resources..... you obviously don't know how business works there are sharks out there and if you give them the idea the big boys on top will squash you like the roach that you are and steal your idea you never give up the idea first

  11. You don't seem to know much about business. I can't help anyone if I don't have the connections. Come back and talk to me if you can come up with something productive to say!

  12. If you can actually prove you are Shytoshi in some way, like messaging me from his official twitter, DM me! Lol nevermind looked at your post history

  13. If they had a dollar for every great idea someone offered them, we wouldn’t have just gone to the moon, we’d be there and colonising it.

  14. Not all ideas are equal. I find it funny how many of the people in here want SHIB to fail for some reason 🤔 Y'all are sus for sure.

  15. For real? Dm me if you're serious. Obviously I'm skeptical you're just trying to steal the idea, so I'm hoping you have some way to verify this is actually his e-mail. If so, I won't forget you helped out if things work out.

  16. what’s up Fam let’s link up .. it’s really hard to get of hold of shytoshi rn, you can try hittin up milkshake tho , but forsure i can get to ryoshi 💯

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