Gold and it's failures for 2000 years! lol

  1. First off the way you respond to the comments on this post is very odd and troubling. Why would anyone post something and just wanna attack people right away it doesn’t make sense. Are you angry about something other than gold? whatever that is, fix it, and leave people alone.

  2. OP why so angry? Did you really write this long rambling extremely opinionated post and expect to be exclusively praised and worshipped as a genius?

  3. While this is interesting Gold hasnt been the standard for a long time. Fiat is literally Trust ne Bro currency.

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  5. I'd say highly in denial. Gold while obnoxious to use is by far one of the best stores of value in human history. It has a myriad of uses outside of just being for jewelry and that contributes to said value. Saying that it's worthless is kinda like saying the crypto that gold is used to create access to in tech industry typically circuitry like motherboards is also worthless.

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