Anything from Shytoshi yet ?

  1. Why put out false dates and expect all of us to hang on???? That seems like a Coinbase thing or a Hedgefund tactic. I will HODL for as long as I trust the process. If you say something, please follow through with it. The community deserves respect. Thanks.

  2. It was announced yesterday, but on Snapchat so it got erased right away. The news was additional Mayo on all wellys that use shib to purchase, one order per person, zero per day and only good for yesterday, perpetually. They are also offering free unsolicited advice on haircuts and wardrobes - but you have to dress like a shiba Inu dog and walk in backwards on roller skates farting your favorite song

  3. On his twitter from yesterday: Medium is just about done but out of respect for 4th of July I will post tomorrow. Have a SAFE time out there to all my American Frens.

  4. Sounds like they should have checked a calendar before they once again delayed something they told everyone would come on a specific day…

  5. Out of respect for this decade, comments will be released on January 1st, 2030... but on a more serious note.... if the news were positive or a big breakthough, I would think the comments would have been released yesterday.

  6. If they cared about misleading their users, I think the comments would have been released yesterday… but they dont

  7. He tweeted two days ago that he had a lot to say but that he would say it "tomorrow" (July 4th). Then July 4th at late hours he wrote that he would actually tell us today (July 5th). And here we are, still no word.

  8. its probably gonna be something dumb. every time he hypes something up it turns out to be something no one cares about, like cheese burgers, or cartoon dogs.

  9. You a troll. Drunk. Just curious how I can ask a general question in the chat I created. First time they said they didn’t bring it down ?

  10. LOL, patience :) He probably overworked and got stressed out with all the fudders. He needed to rest up a bit and then type some more. lol

  11. Proof or be banned. What is your reasoning that a meme doesn't make money. Everyone on tiktok or youtube is a meme and they make $ so good luck with your choices of what makes $

  12. Waiting around for some mystic Asian to proclaim that another restaurant, maybe in Tibet, now takes Shib as payment is an extremely poor tactic to invest with.

  13. He probably at some acid and is still tripping from 4th of July. I mean cmon who doesn’t use hallucinating drugs on the 4th of July. My neighbor hood is like Veit-Fukn-Nam on the 4th 🍄🧨🎆🎇

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