Go! 🚀 $Shib

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call it a pump but I guess some upward movement is ehh ok at this point. I mean the thing is so depressed and has taken such a beating that really this is very very meh. I’ll believe it if it actually does something serious. Until then I just waiting for it to crash back down as per the norm.

  2. Im happy about it's going up but I think that its a trap for bulls/fake pump, hope not but please be carefull!

  3. This is just auto purchases since BTC dipped to 20k. Would explain why all the exchanges went down today.

  4. I've had a plan and stuck to it, now it's actually proving to be a great idea. I always have bought more of a project than I intended to hold so when and if it pumped, I could skim off the extra as profit and stack Shiba. I rode to the ATH of Shiba from .000000624 ( I think), but I was small time money. I cashed out %50 and disbursed it throughout my portfolio to intern put back into Shiba as it matured. All in all everything I have in Shiba was made off other projects and I recover 10x my buy in the 1st. Go around. I hated seeing this huge dip, but knew it was coming and to see it almost to my original buy in had me on my toes to but more but waited till .000007's I pulled the trigger again. This time I have more knowledge and more financial ability. I'm just short of a half of billion. Hang strong Shiba Army!! We will be happier in the future. IMO this is my story not financial advice. Happy days to you all!!

  5. Looks like she bit through the leash again. Fine run don’t ever come back. Unless you got something for me. I’m a patient man I’ll wait.

  6. Probably just some market correction/recovery. It may or may not last we won't know until something really sticks. If the markets stop getting messed up we can probably expect a good chance of a solid climb for everything.

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