Rbif just burnt 1qt tokens in celebration of 3k holders…. 415k worth

  1. I own both, long time Shiba holder ! Shiba swap liquidity provider! Shiba Swap staker ! We can learn from each other and benefit from it!🥳

  2. There’s actually an auto burn mechanism built into the tax on both buy and sell sides. Every transaction a % goes to the burn wallet, which being the largest wallet holder receives proportionately the largest quantity. The tokenomics are actually pretty solid. The 1% burn they did was in response to the community and market. A pretty proactive and solid move.

  3. Wales taking profits from the rid up nothing to worry about we need more holders so, they don't have as big as effect on the market which will be while gives u plenty of time to get a nice bag tho this is a coin I truly believe in great team behind it the point of the burn wasn't to drive price it was to show investors that they are serious about there plans should be more burns at more mile stones check out there dash board to seen what they have mapped put so far

  4. Where did 415k come from for the burn? This means they control a substantial wallet unlike Shib which has no marketing orndev wallet. This is 1 red flag for me.

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