If you're still HODLing strong, comment with an AMEN!

  1. I don't even look anymore. I know it's going to be at least a year before we see any real positive movement, so I pay it no heed. Can't panic sale if you don't even know the price dropped.

  2. I added 65 mil last night :D wish I could allocate more into it. But I'm happy where I stand. Thanks for the fire sale fellow whales who dumped this crash :D

  3. I bought Ada and left untouched for 4 years. I totally not look at the chart. I converted it to shib last year.

  4. Went from initial $1200 down to $600$ which raised to $14000 which is now down to $3700 ;) do I care ? No. Because I figured out that people that say, invest only what you can afford to loose are right ! I'm planning to sell in April 2025 which will be my 40th bday, and whatever the price is will go towards the party, either it is $4000 or $4000000, the party will be pretty much free, as I only invested what I was able to afford at the time. Shiba is 1st crypto I bought and I'm sitting on my nearly 140m which are on shiba swap.

  5. Holding since it's house money 💰. If it happens to breakout positively then great . I've unsubscribed to all the ridiculous hype videos which turn out to be nothing more than 3 minutes finessed from my life each time I watch

  6. AMEN. Look all around, the market is in a dip for crypto. Yes some have been hit harder and some made it off, but the long term really isn't impacted through this. If you're holding for short term profit, you're in the wrong game.

  7. Of course I'm still hodl, and I hope everyone is. $SHIB is a sleeping monster, it's going to be just like Doge. It won't happen over night, but it will happen. Be patient and think long hodl.

  8. AMEN. It’s better to stay off of social media during a drop(bear market) if you can’t handle your emotions. Hold this for 5 years and invest when you can and you won’t have to worry about much else. Blessings

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