If you hold bone, please stake your bones and vote for option A. Thank you for your support.

  1. Very strange for me I went to vote multiple times and it just has me sign the contract but the Page just refreshes and doesn't show my vote.

  2. I came here hoping this was going to be consensus. I'm A all day. SHIB's approach to immutability has got to be one of the most extreme examples in the history of currencies. It's one of SHIB's most compelling features, and if the ecosystem is really here to support it, how's it going to look to the rest of the world when the max supply of the least immutable token shoots up a couple of weeks from it's first anniversary? It not only rejects a core value of SHIB, it looks weak. Especially with the current market conditions.

  3. I just Wana know how to woof my shib bone and eth had shib staking for going on 14 days and nothing. I can see how much I have staked and it's in there and I have x shib in my wallet but that's it keeps telling me there no woofable anything yet everything is all 0000000's and if someone could be so kind please and thank you I need just a few small dollars in bnb to get some airdrops please if anybody could help me that would be great I can send some crypto back your way after I get all my airdrops

  4. Well first of all I'm not going to stop because you say so I would like to actually be able to stake and at least see my rewards for 2 any passive income is not nonsense and for three I don't know why you are in the group/on here to talk about crypto if your just going to be negative nobody needs that so see you later bye

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