Loud Boom

  1. Ha the other morning my buddy went to use the bathroom and I told him "I hope it's a brown one and not one of those red taco bell ones"

  2. If I were to guess (and I'm totally guessing), I'd think maybe transformers are exploding. You get 'em hot enough for long enough and they tend to do that.

  3. One blew up in our neighborhood a few months ago and caused a 7 hour power outage. To add insult to injury a fire ant bit me when I was walking through my yard trying to help a lineman find a power box.

  4. If you hear a loud boom and it is associated with lights flickering or even going out it's most likely one of cylinder shaped canisters that you see up on those telephone poles sometimes... They are about maybe 2-3 feet tall and usually positioned just below the power lines. Of course here in Round Rock most of our power lines are subterranean but there is equipment down there that performed the same function. You may have heard the expression "a transformer blew". The expression has nothing to do with robot fellatio but everything to do with one of those canisters exploding which they tend to do when the temperature exceeds 100° for as many days as it has here and every home and business has their AC running at full blast all day trying to stay comfortable. I've seen a couple of those things detonate and it is a spectacular display.

  5. Just the sound of the power grid failing. Nothing to be concerned about. Nothing to see here. Move along…

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