As I attacked an enemy outpost, I found a incredibly smart dinosaur operating a mortar... I love mods

  1. Since turrets are not visible in fossils, there is no reason why Therinzosaurus might not have operated them in its lifetime

  2. I have over 300 mods - Is there a way for me to share them en masse? It would take far to long to write them down ;-;

  3. That should be Redwood Forest, from the looks of it. it adds a new biome and even a new brownish wood type called sequoia wood

  4. To be fair, the therezino has claws, fairly large ones at that, so it's possible, from a mechanical standpoint at least

  5. Any chance OP or someone who knows could hook me up with a list of mods used in the screenshot? I've done plenty of colonies vanilla, now I've got some QoL mods and a few that add more items and furniture. But after seeing this screenshot I'm ready to start playing whatever the fuck this is

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