Weird, just tamed a wild woman today. Should I banish her for being useless as a fighter?

  1. No, nonono. Keep her as a dr, look at her medical skill. Having them as a non combative means hopefully you'll have someone able to come collect downed people and immediately begin aid on them. Otherwise have them researching and other stuff while your main people do hunting and caravans and the like.

  2. And she's a fast runner too! Too bad she's sickly tho.. I can't imagine seeing someone like that irl, especially today's crisis

  3. Like others said, doc is decent here. She has enough crafting and intellectual to make drugs, too. And if you need one, get her to do the butchering on animals until her cooking is high enough not to ruin meals- she can also function as an efficient cook thanks to being fast.

  4. She has almost enough Crafting to make components. Not quickly, but being able to make them at all is useful.

  5. Looks like a good medic and a halfway decent researcher. Just make sure that you don't have too many colonists incapable of violence or raids will become imbalanced.

  6. I might be incorrect cause I cant remeber if other colonists get upset people butcher humans, but If I remeber correctly bloodlust dont mind butchering humans so human meat and leather for money could also be a use for her.

  7. Yep, that's what I've been wandering about.. She's bloodthirsty yet incapable of violence? Haha, I guess she's the type of person who hires other people to do the dirty work 🤫

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