The famous Mona Lisa painting now has a pimple at the top side of her nose beside the eye

  1. Due to overuse, the phrase "Just because you never heard of something doesn't mean it's a Mandela Effect" or similar is NOT welcome here as it is a violation of Rule# 9. Continued arguing and push for this narrative without consideration of our community WILL get you banned.

  2. I haven’t viewed her in a few months, haven’t been checking on retcons in just about the same time.

  3. WAKE UP, RETCONNED, WAKE UP!! I DONT LIKE THIS TIMELINE actually wait maybe I do, I've had a few really good things happen to me over the past few days haha

  4. In a non-ME reality I'd have agreed with this notion completely. But over the past 5 years we've had a succession of retcon claims involving the Mona Lisa's smile and veil and number of versions and backstory about who she(or he?) was. This inevitably resulted in many people scrutinizing every aspect of that painting with an eye for any fine details so they would be better able to detect a subsequent change... such as the appearance of an unsightly growth. It's precisely the type of thing that would've been noted when that strategic and more exacting attention was given - had it been there to be observed at the time. This scenario is similar to when the Thinker's hair started to resemble a leather helmet. Those who studied the details after the multiple pose changes picked up on it right away. Same with David's eyes. The key takeaway is that there seems to be an ongoing evolution in these artistic works.

  5. Does anyone else here remember the Mona Lisa's body orientation to be more dead on rather than cocked to the side?

  6. What the actual...?! I was an art student, Mona Lisa doesn’t have a wart by her left eye! This is crazy. So we’re shifting again. Time to check the thinker statue again.

  7. Stared at her eyes many times last few years to monitor any possible new changes. The wart looks new. Very close to eyes so it seems I should recall it. Might be legitimate ME. BTW I think the LHC is finally at full power. June was scheduled time.

  8. Something about the way the picture slowly loaded from the top down brought me back to the days of dial up internet. I was also immediately on alert for jump scare imagery / high volume blast from the speakers.

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