does anyone else look scary and unsettling as f*ck in the mirror today??

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  2. My hands go “off” on me sometimes. It feels very, very much like when I was in shrooms and my body parts weren’t the right sizes, but I haven’t done any psychedelics in a year and it happened again just yesterday. I did cut my usually long nails in preparation for a job interview, so I know that was a factor, but it doesn’t account for why they seemed cartoonishly smooth and pale. I regularly dissociate a little just before my period and called it “period face” for a long while before I put two and two together that that was why I looked “wrong.” But the hand thing is new, and has happened at least three times now in the absence of substances. They’re back to normal today, not pale and my skin texture is back.

  3. I haven’t seen it? Are you okay? Bloating can be a medical issue and sometimes not recognizing can be a mental one.

  4. no this is true. ive noticed i look more robotic and masculine than how i was before. there isnt any ‘spark’ on my face, i just look dull

  5. Scary and unsettling, not so much. Different? Yeah. Although I don't spend too much time in the mirror, a glance and I'm on my way.

  6. WOAH!! This is disturbing. Everyone needs to read this. The implications are extreme. Thank you for sharing this. Would have probably taken me a few weeks before I saw it on my own.

  7. Have you gotten any sun with the seasons changing? Normally my whole face shape seems to change when I get a little tan going.

  8. Yes! I mean, maybe not super creepy, but I looked remarkably terrible this morning. Like a hollow soldier of Dark Souls lol 😂 That's interesting cause I usually look fine AF. Today though I was literally taken aback, that's why I even remember that one.

  9. I scared myself looking in the mirror today too. I looked up in the mirror this morning and for a second my pupils looked oval-ish (almost reptile or cat eye looking). I jumped back and looked closer. Normal eyes. I looked at my face in different angles, eyes looked normal. But my own eyes legit scared me for the split second they looked warped and scary. It was like a cliche horror movie jumpscare. SUPER freaky, I hope it was just my mind playing tricks cuz I had just gotten outta bed :(

  10. Update: It happened again, but this time I got it on camera. I was taking selfies when I noticed in one pic, my pupils we're oval shaped and my iris was literally a different color - light green.

  11. Just curious, live in a major city and/or fully vaxxed? I feel like half of young adults are aging rapidly and half are incredibly young looking. I recently found reunion photos from a family member taken in the late 80s. It was her 30th year reunion from middle school. So everyone was around 45ish. They literally look 65-70+ years old. Looking at old photos really highlights how young we look now in comparison to previous generations.

  12. I always do. Up close I'm fine with myself, like doing my make up, but I've never been able to look myself in the eye from a distance. Something about my eyes really unsettle me.

  13. In my experience, I look at myself in the mirror and find myself looking good, better than in recent times. Also getting a lot of attention suddenly.

  14. Extra heavy looking with exaggerated wrinkles all looking old. Then I remembered I haven't slept and gained 10 lbs these past couple days. Just fat n tired today

  15. no way! I was freaked out earlier because I smiled in the mirror and noticed the area from the corner of my smile down to side of my chin looked scary like it seems to crease different and there's new dimples and it looks scary. Eyes also appear somewhat different to me. big spooky.

  16. I looked strange. My eyelids were puffy from releasing emotional baggage and crying several times the day before but I did look strange ...

  17. I looked completely bug eyed today for some reason. It freaked me the hell out. I had those "crazy eyes". I've never looked like that to myself before

  18. I've felt this way about myself for a couple years. But I don't take care of myself and feel it reflects on my looks. I also have experienced depersonalization for quite some time now, which I believe people would just call this phenomenon that you describe as a part of that.

  19. I will say, that derealization and depersonalization are connected to PTSD / CPTSD and the past two years alone have been traumatic for most people in general in some way, but more importantly, this phenomenon we’ve been experiencing for the past 15 or so years at least or longer has been accelerating, and it’s an extremely traumatic experience. Moving through each day never sure of our reality and then navigating it when it shifts is hard enough to integrate alone, especially in addition to all of the other stressors. Sometimes I wonder how many psych “illness” are true disease vs a label to attach to people struggling to navigate, tolerate, and acclimate to our uncanny world and unnatural society. In our current “high intellect” atheistic society, where facts are social currency and supernatural beliefs are fodder, we are encouraged to look down on the societies that came before us who believed in gods and demons etc, but honestly, that must have been such an easier way to live. “Our skull has three eye sockets this morning? Oh okay. Our creator must have wanted us to be this way now instead of how we were yesterday. Thank you for this blessed gift oh holy creator.” 😂 Ya know?

  20. Yeah I thought that when reading this thread too, what many people describe resembles depersonalization. Not discarding their experience though.

  21. Yeah this pretty much sums up myself. Legit when I look in the mirror sometimes I stare for awhile, my eyes were always squinty but most of the time now they look so round almost bug eyed it's not a good look lol Especially when it happens in pictures.

  22. Well, I've been driving for a little over 8 hours today since 4am so, I also look tired af and dead inside, but for completely non ME reasons...

  23. Get outta town! I just looked at myself in the mirror with my new puppy to see her reaction and I saw the same 'blank' expression and rounded eye on myself, so much so that it spooked me and I felt an intense 'buzz/zapp/shock' in my brain.

  24. I feel that feeling as well, but outta no where, like just a lighthead shock. Honestly feels like I am about to snap outta whart ever this false reality is.

  25. I’m sorry, I don’t mean no disrespect. I’m just confused when going thru this sub. What’s the meaning of ME as in used in your context?

  26. I noticed other people looked really unsettling. Blank, disfigured almost, but it was like everyone and I was at a MLB game tonight. My stomach is doing back flips that’s how much it’s bothering me. We

  27. I did notice I looked a bit different today. Couldn't put my finger on why, but more "blank" is a good way of putting it. Thought it was because I was tired but if others are mentioning similar things, then that's weird.

  28. It happens to me about twice a week. There are baseline changes of the facial structure/appearance due to some of the anatomy MEs, but then there's the thing you're talking about which is different and very unsettling. Others on here have noticed it so you're not alone!!

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