Are you a butt guy or a breast guy?

  1. I am a face guy honestly, yes those features can be hot but what matters the most is liking the face ill be staring to most of the time

  2. If women woke up tomorrow and realized just how beautiful they are, there would be a whole industry put out of business

  3. Anthropologists say that female Homo sapiens developed breasts in imitation of the butt, in evolutionary response to face-to-face sexual intercourse.

  4. Actually IIRC the leading hypothesis is that our female ancestors evolved permanently swollen breasts in order to hide if they were pregnant or not (as the ambiguity posed a competitive advantage). And males (or "people" in general really) used to have a disgust response to swollen breasts in order to avoid breeding with a pregnant female. This disgust response evolved to an attraction, probably in response to/together with the aforementioned.

  5. There aren't really 'good boobs'. Like you'll get perky or big ones, but they just aren't that special. Certain asses will make the shyest guy rubberneck until the person is long out of sight. Case closed

  6. I heard someone say once that boys like boobs and men like butts because the brain hasn’t matured yet in boys and they subconsciously want to be breastfed but men prefer butts because a woman with a larger pelvis can give birth easier

  7. I've always been more of a butt guy, but I can appreciate a nice pair of boobs. I don't like disproportionately big ones (boobs or butt), though. All in moderation.

  8. In a world of fantasy it'd be booty. In real life none of it matters. A girl wants to hang out and chat for a while and I'd call that the height of my day.

  9. “Back when we still walked on all fours, we always had in front of us... the butt. Then from the time mankind started walking on two legs we stopped having butts stuck in our faces all the time, and in their place, what appeared in front of our faces... were boobs! Women grew larger breasts to take the place of buttocks. The original source of life is the buttocks!... BOOBS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A PALE IMITATION OF THE BUTTOCKS! IF ASKED WHAT YOU’D RATHER HAVE, A COPY OR AN ORIGINAL, NATURALLY, I WOULD CHOOSE THE ORIGINAL!”

  10. Butt. It's gives a lot more fun & tactile grip. Also I like it's elastic bounce better than breast jiggle physics (though Gloria Tang's physics on a bikini runway has me screamin "mercy")

  11. Personally, as a straight woman, I prefer the butt (or dark meat in general). It’s got more flavor. This only applies to pork and chicken though, and even then it’s not one way or the other. Pork ribs are as good as hams, but ham is better for sandwiches so I’d rather have the butt. Smoked pork butt in particular is the best.

  12. I'm married but here's my thesis, women of all shapes deserve decent mates of similar shape and lots of love but my idea is this: ---Legs, because that always points up to equally appealing and shapely parts until possibly the chin where it can begin to go very wrong 😆

  13. In college everybody said I had a foot fetish because I like girls feet. I thought to myself, I have an everything fetish. A face fetish, a boob fetish, a butt fetish, a shoulder fetish, a thigh fetish. To me everything about a ladies body is beautiful. Stay beautiful ladies.

  14. I really don't know. I'm more attracted to a perfect ass than perfect tits, but I would rather have nice tits and no ass than nice ass and no tits.

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