We have to talk about this...

  1. 1000% agree. If it’s a business decision, fine. But stand by that decision, even if it’s an unpopular one. It does nothing but erode everyone’s trust when the club tries to frame itself as “the good guys” here.

  2. Of all the dumb ass things racing has done this year, this one is last on my list. Sometimes decisions like this have to be made.

  3. Sure, if she doesn't fit into the game plan going forward, that sucks but it makes sense. New coach, new tactics. But to frame it as a mutual parting of ways is clearly dishonest and disrespectful to Michelle. Portland did it the right way with AD Franch-find a mutually beneficial trade or loan.

  4. I agree that Bonner is probably the best choice. If Nadia recovers quickly (fingers crossed!), she'll be gone a lot of next year on international duty with Denmark.

  5. I didn’t want Betos to leave and if the club truly thinks Katie is the starter going forward then so be it. I understood letting Betos go if she was determined to be a starter and was demanding starter minutes, but if she was willing to come back in a backup role and try to fight for the starting spot next season I don’t know why you don’t make that happen. Maybe they couldn’t make it work contract wise or whatever but she’s worth more to the team given their current average age and the fact they’re only getting younger and less experienced next season. I know it’s a business and there’s a lot of other things that go into it, but they really are testing my loyalty early on in their existence (although to be fair it would appear most NWSL teams are testing their fans loyalties)

  6. This decision is making less and less sense every day. Betos has at least 2-3 more seasons as a starter left in her. If she had been performing poorly, I’d get it. But why Racing felt they needed to let her go at this moment-that I don’t understand. She’s a fantastic leader and has lots of love for the city, both of which you need when building a culture around an expansion team. This might make more sense in time, but for now it’s baffling to me.

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