Teacher sentenced to only 60 days for sexually abusing a 13 yo student

  1. Neither the Reddit post nor the article seem to know how to spell rape. Why are they trying to sugarcoat sexual abuse???

  2. Yes she raped him but she is younger and attractive and just had a baby so she gets a slap on the wrist. Fuck this country and its bullshit.

  3. As a good leftists and firm believer in the religiously woke, I ignore this personally, but also personally attack anyone who would bring this up.

  4. Are you adovcating for pedophila? just clarifying. If you are let me remind you 13yos a very young and can be manipulated by just about any adult.

  5. This is so wrong. I was sexually abused when I was older and holy shit has it caused some maladaptive behaviors with women i chose to date. The damage damage to a young boy psychÄ— can take a decade to show up from a victimization like this. This happens litterally all the time.

  6. wow that's F'd up. I wish I could've taken the place of that young boy so he wouldn't have gone through that.

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