"Go back to China where you belong" Karen parks like shit and berates woman filming

  1. This video has been going around for awhile and you and I in different states saw it, so I'm sure someone in her life has brought it up to her, and we can only hope it's had a bad impact on her life.

  2. Hope she got her license plate. You can look up who owns the car and blast it on the news/social media.

  3. Back when I had my shitty truck whenever someone would park that close I would just sling my door open like there was plenty of room I've dented plenty of doors.

  4. She also just casually scratched the paintwork of the car next to her. I will never know how these people reach such an old age .

  5. I hate how us Chinese people never stand up for ourselves while we are getting racist attacks. I wish this lady filming said something

  6. This is why I always park somewhat far away in hopes a lady such as her won’t just screw up my car. Then again with my luck I can park far away with a dozens empty spots around me and some idiot somehow chooses to still park RIGHT NEXT TO ME as close as possible… ill give them a dumb look and back out and go find another spot. I don’t get certain people man.

  7. Im a 'wiki wiki white lady' and if Ida heard this shit Ida come flyin in from the side with a fist to the head. Stop embarrassing us you stupid bitches!!!

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