in arizona. happened in my city a few days ago (vid from ig)

  1. According to this article: a man with a gun tried to get into the school. The school went into lockdown, the man fled. Parents showed up, tried to get to their kids, started pushing past the police. One of them brought a gun. Cops deployed a tazer on two of them. Three parents were arrested, one of them was sent to the hospital with injuries. They're now facing charges. The original suspect was eventually arrested.

  2. Yea that's tough. As a parent I'm not sure I wouldn't have tried to do something similar. We are all freaked out over the handling of Uvalde and rightfully so. Hope I don't have to find out. Hope other parents don't have to find out. Stay safe, all!

  3. This is going to the norm now thanks to the Uvalde PD. Anytime there is a school shooting incident from here on out, and sadly there will be more, the parents are going in. How can you trust that police are actually going to try to get the shooter after what happened?

  4. Makes sense. After Uvalde, why on earth would parents EVER have faith that LE would protect the children???? They showed their cards already.

  5. I think the people yelling "gun" were trying to alert the police to the gun on the ground but they all got tazed for it -- am I getting that right?

  6. TX has shown the public that police wield power when they think they have an upper hand yet time and time again fail to act when they may die in the line of duty. I would try to do the same thing the parents did. I know only I would protect my kids and if a random shooter starts killing kids the only thing the police are good for is excuses.

  7. People constantly talk about weak on crime democrats forcing people to take justice into their own hands, yet it was the inaction of police officers that has actually made people paranoid.

  8. This is the kind of shit that happens when the police can't be trusted to do their fucking jobs. But of course they have legal standing to not do their jobs as much as they want.

  9. the cowards of uvalde pd have really fucked over every LEO org in the US by painting them all as cowards at best and white supremacists aiding and abetting white school shooters in murdering our brown children at worst.

  10. I worked for a school for 6 years as security, parents only make things worse. Most places have lockdown procedures for a reason. And crowds of parents wandering the premises only exacerbates the situation. Uvalde was a perfect storm of a shit show wrapped in incompetence

  11. One of these days there's going to be an active shooter incident where the police end up in a shootout with the parents, knowing full well that they're parents. Cops suck at crowd control and the parents aren't going to have much to lose when it comes to trying to get into the school themselves, especially after Uvalde.

  12. Wouldn’t be too surprised, especially since the Supreme Court ruled that LE doesn’t have an obligation to protect citizens.

  13. If I though my kids were dying, there’s not a cop in the world that would stop me from getting into that school.

  14. Exactly, the police as a whole have demonstrated such. Also save the “thats texas tho” because all these cops claim to be part if a brotherhood.

  15. Why? You can't trust these pigs with your childs safety they fail to act over and over again he was completely within his right to carry if his kid was in danger seeing as how the cops continue to fail to act over and over and over again. That is unless the suspect is black then its murder fest 5000.

  16. These cops are insane. Charges? After Uvalde not a single parent in America can trust the cops anymore. Stop acting offended.

  17. So no more shooter in the school, parents wanted to get their kids, so they get arrested for....? The cops stopped parents from attending their own children because....?

  18. Honestly before Ulvalde I would have said that bringing a gun to an active shooter at a school surrounded by police would be the stupidest thing you could do and I would never do it. However after that I can honestly say if I was living in the US, and my kids school was being shot up, and I had a gun, I'd be racing there because let's be honest you can't trust the US police to risk their lives for children

  19. Almost like cops being incapable of doing their jobs half decently is going to have lasting ramifications across the country.... If only we could somehow hold them to a higher standard 🤔

  20. Those officers dealt with that as well as they could. Thank goodness it didn’t get to the point where someone pulled that gun on an officer in a desperate attempt to go and save their kid.

  21. School shootings aren’t going to stop in the US. This post Uvalde nation will now see parents charging in to every school shooting. Scenes like this will become common place. Honestly, can’t really blame the parents.

  22. This is going to happen a lot more now after Uvalde, parents and common folk in general have a lack of faith in their police officers and rightfully so for the most part.

  23. I have no faith in the police department. The police in my city murdered that Shaver guy and they all got away with it. They do evil things all the fucking time. Shit I called the cops out for vandalism one time and they threatened to shoot my dog. I Sure am glad we have the good guys in blue out there./s

  24. They sound like blm 6 years ago. Weird how the blue lives matter crowd is change because it’s personally effecting them

  25. There was reports of an active shooter. I guess after what happened in Uvalde parents probably have a lack of trust so they grabbed their guns and turned up at the school themselves. I saw on the news at least 3 armed parents were arrested.

  26. Thanks Uvalde Police Department!!! This is what the new school year looks like thanks to your inability to do your job!!! It will never be the same.

  27. It may take another Uvalde level incident, but i wouldnt be suprised if local parents start organizing militia type groups themselves for active shooter situations. Thats when the poo will truly hit the whirly thingy.

  28. This shows how little we as Americans trust our law enforcement. Some of these people were most likely 'Blue Lives Flag' bumper sticker owners but when push comes to shove this will continue to be the response until sweeping changes are made.

  29. I can trust them to escalate every encounter they have to the point of executing someone on their knees in a hallway, or suffocating them into compliance, or to draw their guns after someone legally refuses an unlawful order.

  30. Sooo... "Good guy with a gun and concerned parents" Vs "policemen with tasers" while "bad guy with a gun" already fled the scene?

  31. I know right!! Freakin marvellous. You couldn't write a better script. Kind of underlines how much faith the population has in its police force.

  32. So, wait, are these the parents who turnt up armed at a school which had an active shooter and got tased, or is that a different school shooting?

  33. Man this shit is scary. I was worried after Uvalde there would be a new wave of people trying to attack elementary schools. This pretty much proves it. Hopefully the outcome of this deters any crazy fuck thinking about it. I have an elementary aged school kids and he just turned six in the past days. I'm torn between scarring him for life and telling him what to do for best chances of survival if someone comes into his school to hurt him & pushing it out of mind.

  34. Depending on the group doing the reporting - they would likely count that as a "school shooting" - which is why the number is so inflated.

  35. I'm so confused - you're legally allowed to own a gun in the US, but every time the cops see a gun they freak out. Either guns are legal and fine or they're not.

  36. Ask the corpse of Philando Castile how pro 2nd amendment cops are. Cops tend to want to escalate situations and crush anyone who they see as a problem.

  37. A lot of police believe that they should be the only ones armed. Go watch the armed fisherman, especially the video where hes walking through a motorcycle event to go fishing. Watch the faces of the cops as he walks by, so many of them are filled with disgust, even tho everyone else is just fine with it.

  38. Expect to see more of this. Everyone now knows police are too scared to go in and save their kids so theyll have to do it themselves.

  39. Momma knows best! But for real. If this happened at my sons school best believe I’d be doing the same. I’m just glad that I know a few cops on county who would jump to action. Small town and everyone knows everyone. Any shooter around our area would be facing the entire least that’s what I would hope.

  40. No politician will ever in a million years put that on one of their to do lists once elected. It would almost be a sure shot that they wouldn’t get voted in.

  41. Crazy.. second amendment but yet you can get killed “for moving suddenly” and announcing you have a weapon to an officer, regardless of race, and that raises red flags in their heads

  42. Firefighters are cool as fuck. EMTs, many of them are good cooks from what I've heard, and generally just very nice people 100% dedicated to saving lives. Nothing but respect. The purest definition of a fuckin' modern day hero, dude.

  43. After the horror of Uvalde I would have been tazed. There is no way I’d trust the shooter wasn’t in the school. Another nail in the coffin of what I thought my life was.

  44. If the police in Uvalde didn't drop the ball so hard these parents probably would have let the police do their jobs, but since recently the police didn't "do their jobs", trust with the public all across America has been broken. This is a direct result of those occurances in Uvalde TX...

  45. Parents show up to get their kids because the public has ZERO faith in worthless cops and the police beat the shit out of the parents.

  46. I wonder why parents would think they need to bring a gun and handle a situation like this on their own? 🤔

  47. As a parent I would do anything to get into the school and help my children, their classmates, and teachers. As a concealed carry permit holder, I have my side arm with me 90% of my day.

  48. That's been the narrative in the US for years now. "You can't raise/protect/teach your children. We here in the government know what's best" Proceeds to shit the bed

  49. The police aren't even their to protect the kids anymore, they are just sent there to disperse and control the crowd.

  50. In this case that was all that had to be done since the gunman fled when they tried to open a locked door and failed

  51. I'm not having kids because of this reality anymore. I will not bring them into this world and willingly put them into an environment where they will not be safe. Fuck this world.

  52. im happy these incidents are exposing different communities to the horrors of police work…they truly seem to “protect and serve” no one

  53. 8 seconds into this footage and you can see the moment the police chose violence as a means to control the situation. That officer that flanks the parents is responsible for escalating the situation. Also, I'd like to point out, that the parents reaction is justified after nothing changed despite the Uvalde shooting. Recent events prove that when protecting your kid/s, you can only truly trust yourself and family. Absolutely definately certainly not random people with guns.

  54. In fairness the cops could hardly let a bunch of armed civilians into the school, who’s to say one of them may not have been the original threat 🤷‍♂️but I guess this is the chaos you get in a society where guns are so freely available

  55. The police are not obligated to protect you or your children. In a post Bruen world EVERYONE in every state can now carry a concealed pistol.

  56. This is what happens when people have literally no fucking trust in the police force. I’m not surprised people showed up armed. It’s their children. They better have police outside letting parents know there are police INSIDE ALREADY and that shit is being handled.

  57. You can thank the Uvalde PD for this scene. No parent will ever trust the police during a lockdown again.

  58. Policing is at an all time low , because for decades police departments hired anybody....disgruntled , over weight people, serial killers,pedos all sorts of undesirables pretending to want to serve but wanted the job for all the wrong reasons, ...power , revenge, hate underachievment and now it's turned into a shit show, were people don't respect police nor trust them, expect more videos just like this, unfortunately!

  59. Not holding police and leaders accountable is all fun and games until parents form militias. The rule of law is in serious danger and there seems to be almost nothing being done about it. Dark times ahead.

  60. Sad that they actually charged sorry, police haven't really been showing us they can keep our kids safe.

  61. America's days of innocence are over and have been since 9/11. So sad that kids won't grow up like I did where we never thought about shootings or kidnappings or bombs on planes.

  62. This is what happens when people loses trust in the police, they sae what happen in Uvalde, they took matters into their own hand, shit gets messy.

  63. People don’t trust Cops to be able to save their children from the next inevitable school shooting. If the police don’t reform soon, this video will be the beginning of a pattern

  64. Cops had zero control of the situation and the officer that escalated it needs to be trained further for crisis management. This could’ve been prevented but post-Uvalde is gonna make future situations pure chaos. Also the guy in the blue shirt, c’mon now. You know you had a gun on you and still tried yelling at the cops??

  65. As a parent, I wouldn’t be able to patiently wait around for my kids to be murdered. That’s a react-first, ask-questions-later situation.

  66. Man, this one’s tough. On one hand you have scared parents that no longer have faith in their local police after Uvalde so they try to protect their children, on the other, you have what at least seem to be organized police trying to stop a bunch of for them unchecked people into a school of children and when a gun eventually falls out they use non-lethal force and keep bystanders out of harms way. Fucked up society we live in.

  67. Hey I know this is controversial and all but. Fuck the police. They are absolutely the most worthless part of society. This all started because that cowboy fuck head grabbed a citizen. The people will not tolerate this garbage much longer.

  68. The will of a loving parent vs the paranoid stupidity and laziness of a cop "just doing his job" is going to play out all over the US in coming months/years, I'm afraid. I'm literally watching it fester in Appalachia as protective parents become scared so of course feeling it more necessary to take action themselves to keep their kids safe. Does LEO expect parents to just sit at home and watch the news while another Uvalde happens? Everyone knew parents would be carrying guns more and being present to help soothe some of the fears of mass shooters and worthless LEOs. Why aren't police learning to deescalate yet instead of escalate and traumatize/murder every time??

  69. There’s a larger issue: if police allows parents to enter any given school during such incidents: what prevents anybody (such as an accomplice of the shooter or Jake Paul wannabe blogger) entering the scene posing as a distressed parent?

  70. Hmm. Well maybe if cops would neutralize the threat immediately like they could have done within ten minutes at Uvalde instead of waiting another 67 minutes for the entire Spartan army at Thermopylae to show up to confront a lone gunman, then parents wouldn’t even have to fathom taking action into their own hands. This is 100% on the police.

  71. Blue shirt did nothing wrong. (Assuming he has a concealed pistol permit) He kept his pistol concealed and didn’t do anything that everyone in the crowd wasn’t doing until a cop noticed the pistol bulge and started grabbing at his weapon.

  72. Well it’s illegal to take a gun onto school grounds in Arizona. Morally wrong absolutely not, legally wrong absolutely.

  73. Very very soon parents will start blasting at cops that don't let them get into the school. Considering the Texas cops did nothing for over an hour I'd understand the feeling

  74. If the cops don’t know who the active threat is, why would they just allow anyone who says “I’m a parent” into the school? For all they know it could be one of the parents or someone posing as a parent to gain access. I was in college when we were locked down due to a nearby armed robbery. Parents showed up out of nowhere trying to get into the building which only caused more issues.

  75. Just an observation, but that cop yelling gun kinda seems like inciting a riot in this situation. Seemed like everyone in that circle already knew blue shirt guy had a gun which is why they were focusing on him to begin with.

  76. The parents should've kept fighting even when the cops kept pushing back, they should've pushed back harder. No excuses

  77. Uvalde has everyone absolutely deranged. In situations like this, there are ALWAYS officers on crowd control. There are ALWAYS officers setting up a defensive perimeter. They’re not just “standing outside doing nothing.”

  78. Parent’s will be doing this everytime now since we can’t count on the police to protect the kid’s. I have a 5 year old that I would die for!

  79. Given what happened with the last school shooting I don't blame parents at all for their concern. If the police are going to turtle, then the public needs to react. There's nothing wrong with parents charging a school and saving kids lives. I'd have a hard time sitting back if I knew kids were in danger and the police were slow to react.

  80. And there's idiots that think arming teachers is a bright idea. Yeah, because they're not overworked, underpaid and stressed out as it is to deal with armed parents too.


  82. Any one else see the smirk of joy on the cop that initiated all that as they have the guy in blue shirt arested.

  83. Cops are more willing to engage a parent trying to save their kid than an active shooter they’re nothing but cowards. Bunch of useless fucks

  84. Of course the parents thought there'd be another Uvalde. The precedent has been set. Expect no more help whatsoever from cowardly city cops. As an Arizona parent, I would've done the same thing - expect to have to save my child myself. Cops are always banging on that citizens have too many guns, but if we have to get one to keep our kids safe, I don't see why they would object to us doing their jobs for them....

  85. Cops aren't here to protect you or your children. They are only here to protect property and control an incident if one occurs but That's it.

  86. The threat was no longer at the school, I can understand the parents wanting to go get their kids but in this situation they did nothing but cause unnecessary chaos

  87. Threat was gone, left after being alerted, they were simply doing a lockdown and not letting anyone through, parents showed up and 3 of them were armed, parents tried to get through or constantly tried to get past the police, one parent’s concealed pistol seems to have dropped and the full chaos took over from there

  88. Reading through the comments... Sheesh... I'm no blue lives flag guy or anything but also I'm surly happy to have cops in the community when they're doin their jobs and legit, oversight, accountability, and training all day... While at the same time all this fuck the cops thing and siding with a mob of folks emotional, regardless of the circumstances, is not a good idea at all... There's a reason victims of crime are not the ones who carry out the justice and penalty on the criminal who committed the act because we know it's not going to be fair and level minded at all... It's a tense scene and we shouldn't be dealing with any of this bullshit in regards to school shootings, different topic, but if there isn't a central command and control authority in situations like this it's going to be way worse having a bunch of untrained folks running around scared their kids are going to die... This doesn't say complete bullshit didn't happen in Uvalde or elsewhere but going nuts and rushing the police who already have a possible shooter situation goin on is fucking crazy... All this defund shit, I dig the idea but clearly you haven't lived anywhere where crime is high and the ones enforcing their own set of rules are the criminals, it's nuts... We need fully funded police, but absolutely they should be accountable for bullshit, trained, and less militarized when it comes to most all incidents... Defunding is dumb though... We live in a place with lots of mentally ill homeless and crime and it's nuts when you have to call, which I have had to, the police and get put on hold for 15min when it's an emergency... We have kids growing up here... Basically all the defund the police people are saying fuck the kids growing up in these neighborhoods and people trying to live their lives safely... It's not one or the other in terms of accountability and standards for cops... We need cops! They also need to be conducting themselves properly... Which requires funding and respect for them as a service... Same thing as having respect for teachers and their service or public service workers of any kind... They all need funding and support... This emotional bullshit to go so hard against the police, you're out of your fucking mind... IMO...

  89. Am I the only one who can’t stand the Karen’s yelling “right now!”? Call an ambulance right now! I want to see the manager right now! I want my sandwich right now!

  90. Gonna keep happening of these idiots keep voting for GOP troglodytes and their gun culture politicians.

  91. Honestly, after the gross mishandling of the Uvalde shooting by police, I’d be busting in there too. Not about to watch kids get slaughtered… AGAIN.

  92. Wearing a good pair of pants with a belt is very important if you gonna CCW. Idiots gun slipped out his gym shorts....I understand that he didn't think he had much time as his kid was in a scary situation.

  93. If they’re not gonna protect and serve, what do they expect parent to do. I don’t know if I would act any differently if I thought my kids were in danger.

  94. We are LOSING IT as a country and I just don't know what to say anymore. Actually I do know what to say, we've LOST it already.

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