Wild video out of DFW airport between a spirit airlines employee and passenger.

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  1. I ask this question for every airport freak out. Despite the fact that the TSA attempts to treat the initial security checkpoint as the gate to Fort Knox, it appears to be as free as the Wild West once your are in the terminal.

  2. I did not see any water bottles larger than 3.4oz, I don't know why security would be needed. The only issue I see here is they are still wearing their shoes and belt, but they might have precheck.

  3. Looks like they were standing by on the sidelines while she instigated this, then snapped into action when she hit him and he went to retaliate.

  4. Man, it’s Dallas Fort Worth, that airport is sketchy as fuck. One time I saw a guy with ants on him in that airport. Like lots, all over him. I was like, the fuck? He just nods at me like yep, that’s what’s up.

  5. Security? This is Spirit Airlines. I think you sorta pay for the confrontation. You have the option of instigating a fight or being thumped on your head for no particular reason. In fact, I believe you get travel points for fights.

  6. As soon as I read "Spirit" in the title I knew what was coming. This is...this is just what it's like when you go with Spirit. It's a punchline at this point. They should make their motto "we're like Southwest, but with more VD and fewer safety precautions."

  7. I know he's just a normal dude blocking, but that handwork was seriously good. Right under the pads, drove across and got the sack.

  8. If that doesn't have NFL teams lining up, the fact that he hit a woman is just going to put them over the top

  9. The way he bull rushed that dude to get the sack was marvelous. Damn near perfect technique with his hands inside on the OL’s pads, he lifts him up and drives him back, then trips the QB as she tries to roll out of the pocket. In today’s league he might get flagged for roughing the passer because of the roll on top of the QB, but I’m guessing spirit’s referees appreciate that DOG mentality.

  10. Yea, and that guy was smart enough to hold back after the adrenaline to still keep his composure when the white knight was begging him to hit him. I ain’t swinging first, I’m just defending myself anybody can get it as long as it applies to the law

  11. I believe everyone should have to do a few month bout in customer service the world would be a lot better place, more people would treat staff and each other with empathy and respect.

  12. Wife is a manager at one, man the amount of times people down talk her for missing their flight is insane and sad

  13. Dude I just came back from the veterinarian where a dude was yelling at the staff because they didn't have enough space to keep his sick dog overnight and they recommended another animal hospital that could accept it. I don't think it matters what industry you're in, some people are just terrible.

  14. If you want to calm someone down just put your hands behind your back and say swing first. 9/10 times they'll do the same until security arrives.

  15. I have come to realize that, that saying, is the same as, “bless your heart”. It’s basically telling the person “fuck you”, with out using those words, yet the meaning & intent are the same. That’s why some people repeat that stupid ass saying of “relax”, when they really don’t mean it. They mean something else than the words they are saying.

  16. Listen, I'm all about employees standing up to abuse from customers and love roasting Karens as much as the next person, but this guy was not taking the high road. She is at several points backing away and he repeatedly re-enters her personal space to shout directly in her face before she pushes him away. I don't know how this incident started but from what I'm seeing, this was the result the employee was hoping for and everyone sucks here.

  17. This!! He literally backed her into the ropes and kept blocking her way. I'm not saying she's innocent since we don't know what started this whole thing but I'm also not surprised she chose fight in that situation.

  18. Ya, i know people are blaming her and she started it but he's getting too near, i wud have pushed him too. He's just asking for a fight to show off his tackling skills

  19. What I would give to hear John Madden call this one. “Watch him come off the tackle with perfect form and BOOM! He’s at the QB taking her down for a 6yard loss. She never had a chance. And watch in the very next play they bring in extra blockers and he just shrugged them off like it was a work out shirt and he’s about to hit the showers. And that’s why Spirit drafted him in the first round.”

  20. “…look at him! he’s putting on a tackling clinic right now. now its beyond skill and physicality. in the end, 99% of the game is half mental!”

  21. Bro he was escalating that shit through the roof, I agree she was being a crazy bitch and needed to be restrained too but damn, that guy was also out of his mind.

  22. Okay bit technically by law that is not defending but retaliation. And also he is like twice her size so if she hit him and then he ran after her and knocked her out that would be excessive force.not saying the lady was right.

  23. I love the attitude everyone around them has, “we’ll let this go on…it’s just yelling, she’s flailing hands…okay, just shouting… okay, she hit him, I’ll allow it… oh shit, he reacted, NOW LET’S STEP IN TO HELP HER!”

  24. As a bouncer this is the type of person I hate. you were watching them when they were acting like fools but now that I’ve reacted to their bullshit you want to step in and make my job harder.

  25. Once I confronted someone at the airport who had stuffed a 45 lb dog in a small carry on they were going to put under their seat on a 5 hour flight. The dog was clearly wimpering and the second I was like "Hey your dog may need a bigger carrier" he started yelling and screaming and spitting and I was just like fuck this.

  26. Who knows when the bystanders caught on to the ruckus, but I think they were trying to protect him from his own anger at this point.

  27. They may be intending to help her, but they saved him. If he chases down a fleeing woman and beats her ass “she hit me first” won’t save him. The law doesn’t see it that way. She disengaged and fled after each hit each other once. If he chases her down and beats on her to prove “equal rights and equal lefts” he’s catching a charge for sure.

  28. Nah being a woman doesn't protect you from fights, especially if you fuckin started it. I hate that mentality other women have where they can put their hands on a man and punch and push him around and act all shocked when he stands up for himself. Dumb ass.

  29. She took off pretty quick when she realized that just because he has a name tag he isn't going to get slapped around and she might have started something she wasn't ready to see all the way through.

  30. That man at the end look dumb asf too, standing up with his hands behind his back and not even making eye contact while he shit talks a man who was trying to do his job before somebody pushed him too far.

  31. See how she waited to slap him until the other guy was between them because she thought she was slick. She deserved a smack down. Those guys jumping in ... that EXACTLY what she wanted. She played them, and got away with assault. This is classic "pussy pass."

  32. Yeah, if they're a continuing threat then you have every right to protect yourself. But if you can't catch her in 30 seconds and she's running away, you need to start to cool off and find a police officer to charge her for assault while you keep your job/dignity.

  33. Hard to say what I would do as a bystander in this situation, but if I did intervene it would be purely to keep this man out of getting himself into too much legal trouble in that emotional moment. For her sake I couldn’t care less if he slaps her back.

  34. Thank you! Women need to normalize NOT putting their hands on anyone and expecting not to reap the consequences. If I hit a guy, then I’m gonna get what I get. Not everyone plays by your rules Ma’am, and what aggravates me even more is that she only went to hit him when that guy got between them, which makes you look even more weak. SMH

  35. Imagine the audacity to behave this way towards anyone. This man has waaay more self restraint than I do. Not to mention this dude's arms are as big as my fucking legs lmao. Why would you want to antagonize someone who looks like they could easily throw you across the room like a rag doll?

  36. I'm glad they stopped him because he looked like he was about to seriously mess her up, but she definitely was the instigator. You can see that from what she did after the first guy intervened.

  37. For the first 28 seconds the gal only steps to the side or backward only to have the dude step forward and close the gap. I'm very much a "who hits first" when it comes to things like this but here she's clearly trying to back up. Still, how can she slap?

  38. Anyone else appreciate the irony that he thinks it's his place to stop a "touch me and we're in a fight" situation while immediately employing "touch me and we're in a fight" himself?

  39. Lmao and then he proceeded to do nothing. Always big talk and nothing behind it. Mr. Whiteknight prolly doesn't wanted to mess with a guy who deals with entitled asshole for a living lol

  40. Oh he was done with the job, this was payback for every Wal-Mart…I mean…Spirit Air passenger BS he’s had to deal with. And of course she doesn’t try a slap until she’s got another person in between her and the employee. That steamroller was incredible…used to give those to my sister when she was would play the “don’t hit your sister” game.

  41. Yeah I’ll never get why anyone WANTS to get into altercations just fuckin move on, waste of time and energy for what?? A hurt ego? WOW priorities

  42. I say this as a woman myself, I don't care who you are if you hit someone, that says you are ready to be hit back so you better be ready to fight. You don't get a free pass to hit men just because you are a woman. Equality bitch.

  43. A Spirit Airlines spokesman remarked, "This passenger chose not to pay for the 'Beatdown Free' pass on her flight. We provide the opportunity for each passenger to custom tailor their travel experience based on the amenities they value."

  44. Fight a man?!?!? That’s what that idiot at the end says?!?! The chick straight up smacked him but he’s still in the wrong according to him….unreal…

  45. This is very common around these parts (DFW). Women can swing and men are supposed to take it. If he hits her, he’s wrong. I’ve seen a woman hit a man in the face as hard as she can and no one did a thing.

  46. Not a single person willing to help him even after she gets physical, he retaliates and suddenly all the white knights show up out of the woodwork 🙄

  47. Wish the whole interaction was on tape since he kept saying she touched him first. Seems like once the guy stepped in between them she thought her force field had been activated and took a cheap swing.

  48. I'm always curious what the hell caused this to escalate in the first place. My guess is she missed her flight and thought berating a gate agent would magically make the plane come back for her.

  49. Don't hit unless you wanna get hit. Also love all the guys running to her defence, she ain't gonna kiss any of you. Equal opportunity counts for everyone not just when you want more money or job opportunities. Cause I'm sure if she could have she definitely would have kept hitting him every chance she could get.

  50. All the men in the video going at the guy. What the fuck. He is at his place of work and he is being treated like shit by some entitled cunt so badly that someone films it for laughs, then she regularly assaults him but constantly touching him when he told her not to. Finally when she gets someone to stand between them she escalates again and strikes him with actual intent to harm. Then and only then does he physically react and everyone jumps in against him!

  51. He repeatedly told her to get put of his face while stepping into hers…dude needs a lesson on deescalation tactics

  52. First he kept advancing on her while crying about *his* space. Then when people *finally* stepped in, she took advantage to get a cheap shot in.

  53. When I watch these videos, I think of how our emotions, especially anger, can absolutely take control of us. A person who is presumably level-headed can turn into a monster by pure, blinding rage. And I think about how I would feel if I was watching myself in a video like this, becoming a someone I don't recognize because of anger, becoming someone I don't want to be, behaving in a way I don't want to behave. We evolved with emotions so there may be no way to conquer them, and we can sometimes use them to our benefit. But I cringe at videos like this, as much as I feel for the guy.

  54. Videos like this piss me off because no one sees fit to intervene until the woman starts writing checks that her face can't cash, then suddenly all these men come out of nowhere to try and stop her from getting clocked. She 100% needed an ass whooping and I say that as a woman.

  55. I think I heard someone say “it’s not worth it.” We’ve got to imagine that even though the woman 100% started it, when the cops show up mid-beatdown, the man is goin to be the one who gets blamed. The first guy to intervene seems to be trying to protect the man from this situation but unfortunately the blocking seems to give the woman enough confidence to hit him.

  56. Soo the guy recording jumps in vocally; and EVERYONE ELSE, afterwards but NOT when everything first started 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  57. Woman felt emboldened enough to start hitting when there was another dude between her and the employee. Thought she was safe. But big boy had big linesman skills

  58. An entire area filled with men watch a woman assault a man and he defends himself then all the men “at don’t you put your hands on a woman!” What happened to equality? She wants to hit, she should be equally hit back. Or like my mom used to say “don’t write a check your ass can’t cash.” Or in simpler terms… keep your hands to yourself.

  59. What the woman did was wrong but tbh I hate how people come in your face, pointing and all that. Screaming that you shouldn't touch him/her. If u don't want to get touch Fcking move then!! Jeezz.

  60. My guy probably lost his job over this moron. She started it and she deserved what she got in return. I was always told “if you hit somebody, be prepared to get hit back!”

  61. Talk about escalating a situation?! Why can’t people just stop when they realise they’re going overboard?! Stubbornness and the fear of looking weak will land both these people in hot water.

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