They didn’t stand up

  1. Yeah, but in her version, as soon as she yelled at all the "asshole, communist, Biden voters who are also Republicans", everyone stood up immediately upon realizing the error of their ways.

  2. I just can’t believe people like this exist. I couldn’t behave this way if I wanted to, and you can tell this attitude/behavior is second nature to them.

  3. Well for as long as they were bitching about it, I would venture a guess as she don't get much to talk about or complain about in everyday life, so she found something to squeeze a few months of bitchin' out of.

  4. That was the best part lol. These old birds just wanted a back and forth and the filmer beautifully denied them that!

  5. Her husband didn’t, he was visibly embarrassed. Probably gritting his teeth thinking how she always does this when she’s drunk.

  6. She's mad because they played (I've Had) The Time of My Life and nobody stood........because nobody puts Karen in the corner.

  7. I grew up 2 hours away from here and, yeah. Republican New York women are some of the most karen-y Karen’s you can find

  8. Huh. I didn't know those Dirty Dancing-esque summer resorts were still a thing. I thought those faded out on the 60s.

  9. It's a trash heap of a resort. My father went with his family in the 70s and there was a big picture displayed in my grandparent's living room of them all. He and his siblings thought it would be great to do a big family trip to there around 2012 or so to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary. It was good to see all of my family together in one place but the resort itself was awful.

  10. Im an alocholic (in recovery now) but I spent at least a decade in the bar/nightclub scene and never saw people standing up for the anthem until after Colin Kaepernick(sp?) started taking a knee. Its the same reactionary bullshit that was never in their minds until someone told them to be mad about it. Th

  11. You put your left hand in, take it out, put it in, and shake it all about. How fucking hard is that? Fucking communists.

  12. I've always wondered what the world would be like if everyone focused on their own bullshit instead of everyone elses. I don't care how great anyone thinks they are they still have shit that could be improved

  13. That's the whole point. Society has advanced enough that a lot of people get to live calm lives. But the human body was built for survival amidst adversity. We are programmed to resist and fight and when there's really nothing to channel that to, it's going go accumulate. So that when our minds are given even the most minuscule of outlets like anti-vax or anti-mask or anti-communism it's going to be very easy to channel all that unspent fixation into that small thing, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

  14. I'm sweating my butt off at a MLB baseball game with my four year old daughter a few years ago, when the seventh inning stretch comes they play the obligatory God Bless America. My daughter is wiped so I stand up and hold her during the song. After that I decide to leave, and an aging usher accosts me about not taking my hat off for the song. My daughter wants to know why he's so mad at us and if we're in trouble. No hunny, its about time you learn about idiots...

  15. Honestly, whether it was the anthem or the sound of a dude furiously smacking his testicles with a cactus, it doesn't make a difference. They still are karens that should mind their own business

  16. Felt sorry for him. Hes probably watching his wife fall into the q hole and wondering if he'll see her get shot trying to break through a barricade on capitol hill.

  17. When politics becomes your entire identity you don’t have anything else to talk about but politics. I can tell that the husband deals with this on other occasions by his response. She probably runs her mouth all the time regardless but it’s worse when she’s drunk.

  18. lol.. the reason I don’t stand for the national anthem is to trigger little bitches like these drunk bitches. Joke is on them

  19. I had two similar conversations with a two different time periods. Before covid....we had been talking about standing for the anthem. He was flipping out over some news story about people not standing for the anthem. I asked him why he was so mad and he said "Because you're supposed to stand for the anthem!!!" And I was like "but you don't have to, right?". And the conversation went in a circle for a while.

  20. The whole point of the United States is individual liberty and freedom from persecution. Kneeling or sitting during the anthem is a true demonstration of Americanism.

  21. That's what has always bothered me about the Pledge of Allegiance. Refusing to participate in it would be the most "American" patriotic thing ever, if the principle of individual liberty is paramount (as these morons hypocritically believe). But you would be castigated as an America hater if you did that, though. And they would demand that you go to North Korea or some shit, without a single ounce of self-awareness about how stupid that sounds.

  22. The irony of trying to force someone to do something then calling them communists (to these people communist means “unfree”) because they’re free as Americans to not stand. This is why people have given up trying to discuss with these people. They don’t want to learn or make a good faith argument.

  23. The ironic ignorance of these fascist nationalists is a tragic comedy. It always boggles my mind how these people can't see how ridiculous it is to get so mad about Americans exercising their ... well Americaness. But no, "leave go to [insert fascist country here] where you'll be surrounded by people and a government that thinks and behaves like I am right now." Sorry, Karen. You need to leave. This is America baby

  24. Ugh this reminds of a guy that came down an entire section to scream in my face because I forgot to take my hat off during the National Anthem at an NBA game. Mind you, I was standing and doing all the other “appropriate” things you’re supposed to do during that song but just forgot I was wearing the thing. I was 14. Taking personal offense to minor things like this is borderline nationalistic.

  25. I was at a football game, walking down the aisle with snacks and drinks when the anthem started. I was like 5 steps from my dad and my seat when this dude grabbed me from behind, took my hat off, and held his hand to my chest the entire time. I was 13.

  26. I was at a minor league hockey game. A family stayed seated during the anthem. They were just politely sitting there and this Kid Rock looking freak comes flying down like 20 rows.

  27. Wow. Why are these people so triggered by standing or not. American patriotism is taking a strange turn these days.

  28. That's how you know it's performative, and they don't actually care about the anthem. Just like when people started booing Kaepernick during the anthem, which just sounds like they're booing the anthem. They make such a big deal that they're the ones that end up being disrespectful, because they don't care about respect, they just want to be able to tell people what to do.

  29. And then vote on bills that would help veterans. Standing for the national anthem, sending thoughts and prayers, gotta do the easiest and most worthless things to show you’re a patriot.

  30. If you want people to show respect and stand for the national anthem, then maybe we should not be playing at inappropriate places like a restaurant.

  31. The idea of freedom and being free is not having to arbitrarily do anything. Stand, sit, lay on your back, do back flips - who the fuck cares? I guess these two dipshits do. And how American is the idea that you are free but should suddenly renounce your citizenship and leave the country if you don't stand at the right time. These morons have thought nothing through because they can't actually think for themselves yet have a whole lot to preach.

  32. They do this at Mission BBQ. Decided to try it one day at lunch time. Out of nowhere at 12:00 they started to playing the National anthem. Everyone stopped eating and stood up and stared at the flag.

  33. I would bet $1000 neither of these drunk idiots has ever done a single thing to improve their communities in their entire lives. Probably drunk from sun up to sun down. And a burden on their families. But they are patriots right?

  34. Was it live? Was there a flag in the room? If it was just on the TV at a bar/restaurant I am not standing.

  35. "Go back to Russia or China" Ah yes, other countries that force you to be patriotic. People like this are so painfully stupid as to what it means to live in a free society. Idiots.

  36. I thought republicans loved to talk about personal freedoms… except when it comes to deciding to sit during the national anthem, fetuses, vaccines… they’re so exhausting. Like pick a side… freedom or not?

  37. Freedom for them isn’t about any ideal, took me a while to get that. Freedom as a concept does not matter to them.

  38. Republicans are a lot easier to understand when you realize that the words they use don't actually mean anything. They are just bad faith buzz words to make them feel right. "Freedom" just means doing what they want, because in the next breath they'll explain why black people should comply.

  39. Both Russia and China have a pretty romantic relationship with the Republican party... these ladies would have a better fit over there

  40. Well, well, well. They went from being communists who must have voted for Biden to "everybody here is a Republican" real quick. It seems that Republicans don't actually have the monopoly on patriotism that they like to pretend they do, after all. Just ask sick veterans.

  41. I’m gonna guess it’s The National Anthem they’re talking about, using the context clues of “standing up, 4th of July and mention of military service”. What I find ironic is that not standing during the national anthem is just a legal as them sitting there and saying their piece. It’s a personal choice, and frankly, it’s no one’s choice but the individual. American patriotism is a religion all of its own. Presidents are Political Popes…they are the face of the nation, or the fall guy. Depends on which side of the issue you’re on.

  42. They also claim the people who didn’t stand are communist and Biden supporters so I’m gonna guess they vote GOP. Ironically enough the GOP just shit all over veterans and voted against the bill supporting them.

  43. Veteran here and FUCK that song. The republican bull shit in this country has cheapened us and made us weak. I don't go to any event that requires my allegiance. After J6 I pretty much dislike more than half the people around me at any given time. If these Trump nationalist want to stand that's fine by me but don't expect me to get too excited. I've had enough excitement and dont really like standing up too much these days. The two of them are loud and obnoxious. just like their plastic orange god. I don't see how the people around these two women can stand them. People like this that have made me loose faith in America.

  44. I stopped standing for the flag in high school; not because I don't love my country - but because I think it's fucking stupid to be obligated to stand for any song.

  45. It's ironic they should tell them to go to Russia when it's Russia who fuels so much propaganda in this country, including this over-the-top reaction to anything not totally in line with radical fascist nationalism. "If they don't stand for the anthem, they are your enemy, and you don't need to understand anything about them." Stay divided, you idiot pawns.

  46. LOL. Wtf is with their conservatives? What does voting, and voting for Biden have to do with any of it???

  47. Because they think that conservatives/Republicans are the only “true” Americans, and if you voted for Biden, you clearly aren’t one of them. It’s a weird mix of superiority and tribalism that has been amplified the last 4+ years. It was bad before, but it’s just reached a whole new level of nationalism since Trump and Covid.

  48. it has to be so embarrassing and exhausting to base your entire personality off of your political leaning. politicians are not celebrities, they are public servants. they shouldn’t have fanbases. people like this are weird.

  49. "cant stand up for a fucking song" how shitty do you have to be to be saturated with anger because someone didnt stand up for "a fucking song"

  50. What’s embarrassing is thinking standing for a song has anything to do with patriotism. What’s embarrassing is throwing a fucking temper tantrum because people aren’t acting fascist enough.

  51. They seem a bit triggered, dare I say they're acting like snowflakes, their feelings got so hurt it looks like they're about to start crying like babies

  52. Karen doesn’t get the irony that they didn’t ALL stand up because they chose not too. In “communist”countries everyone stands up because they don’t have the choice.

  53. All we know is they are at a talent show and she is pissed everybody didn't stand for some patriotic song. So I like to assume somebody just did a moving rendition of Toby Keith's "Red, White and Blue", played on spoons and a didgeridoo, and she is appalled at the lack of support from her fellow Americans.

  54. Manufactured anger. You can see it. They aren’t actually angry. They think they’re angry because they’ve been told they have to be angry. They are told anything perceived to not be 100% full blooded pro American is disrespectful to their way of life.

  55. It's eerie to witness people that can't fathom that other people exist and aren't the same as them.

  56. For people who are constantly screeching about freedom, communism, and small government, they sure get chafed when they can’t force other people to participate in their faux patriotism.

  57. I love America but I am not standing up for the anthem at a fucking Italian restaurant just so y’all can do your performative bullshit in front of each other. It is tiring and unnecessary.

  58. “In Villa Roma” 😂 Villa Roma is the trashiest destination in the Poconos, visited by the trashiest New York Italians. Now I been married to an Italian woman thirty years, and you couldn’t pay any of those folks to go up there. These two women are exactly where they belong. 🤣

  59. alcohol brings out the truth in a person. yet cannabis is forbidden. get the fuck otta here damn stupid drunks

  60. Not ok to sit through a song, ok to disrespect a sitting president and Commander in Chief. Fuck your hollow brand of patriotism.

  61. Right wingers only claim to love free speech when they say hateful things. Otherwise, they want to control your speech and behavior.

  62. Something about that strong Long Island/Jersey/NYC accent amplifies the degree of Karen-ness to epically irritating proportions. “It’s the Fwoorth of Jul-OY!” “They owul (all) must be Boy-den suppowtuhs.” And it’s too bad cuz otherwise I like an East Coast accent.

  63. This is what right wing morons think patriotism is. Open displays of flag and song fetishism, not supporting the actual ideals the country was founded on. That’s Fascism 101, right there.

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