Rare footage of a Reddit meetup

  1. He would be me, but I could never imagine a situation where I trust other people on Reddit enough to meet up with them

  2. when ur mom says she hired this hip new band with a DJ and they show up and 4 people get out of a 1998 Honda accord and start doing this shit

  3. The best part is the next day when someone will inevitably say, "Man, that party was lit last night!" Then you go back to watch it and it's this shit. Lol

  4. People are forgetting the old picture of the reddit meet-up with the titties. I'm not posting it... Edit:

  5. Definitely not, I know a pair that met at a reddit meet up, had kids and got married. They are weird, they hate thier kids and each other.

  6. Noise is the music you make in your thirties after you've listened to thousands of hours of your drum machines playing back the same 4/4 pattern until your brain melts and progression no longer means anything to you.

  7. Yeah I actually love this kind of music but I grew up in the punk scene. I'd be vibing hard to this show. If anyone knows the band I'd appreciate it.

  8. I really want to know where this venue/home is. it's the second video I've seen of punk/art shows that look super, literally, wild.

  9. Yeah, this shit looks pretty familiar really. All it's missing is the guys jumping over the firepit to demonstrate their manliness.

  10. I genuinely have never seen this. I see countless comments talking about how Reddit is just full of Elon fanboys, but I literally never see them.

  11. I said this back then, and I'll say it again. Fox news did their research and picked the mod that would do the most damage to the movement's creditably. It was a hit job!

  12. If you really wanna confront and shock people then ya gotta throw a lil poop at the crowd. No ifs ands or buts. Smut sure as shit ain’t pretty

  13. Yeah, it's just performance art. I've seen experimental/noise bands and avant garde theater troupes do some weird shit, too. Smashing a trash can while screaming kind of seems par for the course.

  14. I might be the crazy one but I would see this live. Sipping on a beer in the back just watching and wondering...."huh?"

  15. I went to a Black Metal show in '02 in Hawthorne where this band called Willow Wisp played. They all had ridiculous ober the top costumes on that were totally mismatched. Like the singer looked like Frank Karuba and the keyboard looked like The Albino in the Princess Bride. The drummer had a 3 inch hoop in his nose piercing with a house key on it. At one point the drummer attacked a metal trash can for several minutes as his "drum solo". I mean, some BM sounds like it's recorded in a trash can, so...

  16. It’s the second video like this. I wonder what exactly this event or crowd these people are. Anyone?

  17. i want to be at whatever spot on earth is furthest from these people. i dont care if its in the middle of the indian ocean.

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