Girl has public freak out in her high school

  1. Middle school and high school are super cringe. I feel bad for the kids nowadays who have these moments captured forever and plastered on the internet.

  2. Remember how they would always say "this will be on your permanent record!", but then we grew up and found out that it didn't exist? Well now it does.

  3. i went to this highschool, and both students were in special ed. every student found sharing the video either got in-school or out-of-school suspension but it didn't stop it from being brought back on reddit by rando fucking losers. please help us take down this video because we've been trying for years to stop it circulating everywhere

  4. Honestly, the middle schoolers and EARLY high school kids are just plain awful. I was one. But the high school juniors and seniors, some of them, are too tired for all this.

  5. I'm 69yo and as much as the world has changed some things just didn't. I swear to God I remember this exact scenario with almost the exact same pacing during my 2nd year of highschool, right down to the "she asked me what happened" and the other girl running away.

  6. A lot has changed but the one thing that sticks around is teenage drama. People will talk about "kids these days" but it's not the kids that changed, you just grow up and forget how much of a little shit you were.

  7. The girl running away at the end appears to be wearing some kind of hearing protection. This may indicate auditory processing or overstimulation issues, which might place her on the autism spectrum. While this is a public freakout in its most basic sense, it may be beyond this girl's control.

  8. I know she’s portrayed as the crazy one cause she’s causing noise, but she’s clearly upset because that other girl did something to her, but also this just hits close to home. I would scream at my bullies because they were assholes. I’m sensitive and on the autism spectrum turns out, don’t hate me

  9. she is. i went to this highschool 2017-2020, and both students were in special education. every student found sharing the video either got in-school or out-of-school suspension. please help us take down this video because we've been trying for years

  10. Looks like this kid in green has hearing sensitivity (ear muffs) often a symptom of autism. I know the kids who recorded thing back in hs. If it was anything like mine, this teen, (likely autistic) has a bad day recorded for someone’s laughs. Sick.

  11. I know it sounds silly, but both the posture and the run at the end also seems typical of someone with Asperger's syndrome.

  12. Serious question: she was screaming even louder than the other girl did at the end. Would that not bother her, as well?

  13. I know these two girls and I really hate this is on the internet forever. The girl in the glasses set up the girl who was yelling and had someone record it as well. They were fighting over a friend or something. Both girls have mental issues and troubled pasts.

  14. same here, i went to the school and i've been reporting these reposts every time they come up but it just keeps recirculating.

  15. High School was definitely not made up to what Disney told me it was gonna be but that's my fault for believing in Fairy Tales Physical Scars heal Psychological scars dont

  16. I was laughing until I saw the girl had headphones over her ears. High school is cringe, but I’m assuming she’s most likely overstimulated.

  17. That not her friend that the bitch who snitch on her to her friend and what ever she did was enough to ruin the friendship

  18. Definitely something not mentally right about her. Pretty sad indeed because people will make fun of her and make her more unstable.

  19. Hope the school finds the student who originally posted this and puts their ass in an empty room staring at a blank wall for 3 weeks straight. Absolutely ridiculous that people have to worry about their middle and high school cringe becoming permanently documented online, especially someone who is clearly either having a very abnormal public breakdown or has special needs (speculating due to the earphones and erratic behavior)

  20. i went to the highschool and remember when this happened. everyone sharing the video was suspended for a while but it didn't stop it from being reposted by losers like OP

  21. Looks like she was genuinely hurt. I don't find this enjoyable. Highschool can be a rough time and this shit doesn't help. Back in my day if someone tried to record a fight or interaction someone else would steal/smash your phone. We need to bring that back.

  22. Oh my goodness, it’s resurfaced. I saw a part of the fight and heard it as I was going up the stairs. They were fighting over a friend. One of the girls is autistic ( white pants). This happened in 2018. It was on the way back from lunch in high-school.

  23. no way, you went to the same highschool? i remember the day this happened and it was going around on snapchat and twitter like wildfire.

  24. Sucks that stuff like this needs to happen. Especially when it’s something that seems like a big deal at the time but in the long run really won’t be.

  25. If I remember correctly, they were arguing over a friend. I don’t know what happened afterwards. It was a thing for like a whole day/week. I know one person said something and it led to this. I think it happened in 2018

  26. Im guessing the girl running away has autism by the looks of the sound defeaning head phones. Sad really bc its extremely difficult for someone on the spectrum to make irl friends. trust me I know my son is high on the spectrum and has outburts like this often. he doesnt take into account the situation of being in public when it happens.

  27. I only joined this page recently and I effin’ ❤️ it. It gives me the same satisfaction as watching parents smack their kids at the grocery store

  28. good thing nobody filmed the time my former best friend didn't pick me for her team and I cried hysterically and the PE teacher yelled at me. Good old 7th grade.

  29. I don't know. Being a teen ain't easy and so I can't really find the same enjoyment in high school clips that I can find from something else

  30. The only clips of my high school days that survive to this day are videos I’m only in the background of. Now everyone in school has something uploaded that’s gonna be there for good

  31. It looked like she was wearing ear coverings, so she may be autistic or have sensory processing disorder. Unless they are audio headphones.

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