McDonalds freak out

  1. I like the lady next to her beforehand going "heyheyhey" then she realizes it won't do shit and walks out of frame with almost the same expression.

  2. I really wasn't expecting the older guy to actually do anything and then he lets out a war cry and just completely humiliates the guy, lol. So embarrassing.

  3. “You wanna pick on a little guy, huh? Lemme show you EXACTLY what that looks like!” SlideWhistle.wav CartoonBonk.wav

  4. I long for the day I stumble into a moment crazy enough for me to yell "WorldStar" in the background. Someday. Someday.

  5. You have to wait for a few good punches are set in before you can scream it, I guess they weren’t around in 2009 when the rule book was passed out

  6. I would have loved seeing it at the perspective of the black guy the dedication he took to take the video at the right angle is amazing then ends it with a selfie

  7. As a short guy, I know my biggest shot is the unexpected. Shouting my mouth of like an asshole on crack is not gonna help me win fights. This guy never wins fights.

  8. Love seeing guys try to get out of a fight by pretending they really want to fight, only for the fight to begin and they don’t know how to fight and when it stops they jump around like they really want to keep fighting but they don’t really want to fight at all.

  9. That dude just punked with out even spilling a drop from his drink. Meanwhile the asshole is swimming in his drink.

  10. Guys not even that small lol. But he does remind me of my coworker who is a short guy who is basically the same, he acts like everyone's pickin on lil ol him.

  11. Dude almost took himself out with that slip. I swear if I were there I would have thought it was an episode of impractical jokers

  12. Nothing which wouldn't have been fixed by pushing him to the ground and sitting on him until he admits he's an idiot.

  13. Camera work needs some…work. I wanna see the film from the black camera dude, he knows his shit and was hitting all the right angles

  14. FACT: If a man starts screaming and raising his arms when about to fight, it means he can't fight. He's using the black bear method, and trying to scare off his opponent.

  15. Didn’t we see this dude in a bagel shop complaining about women on dating apps and also starting a fight with a much larger dude?

  16. Just a dude who wants his "big moment" lol I feel like that's what all the people in these videos want. Something to stand for and to make a big "I'm right here" statement. Then go home and feel like they did something meaningful.

  17. I wish there was a specific subreddit for fights that occur in fast food restaurants. They're a whole other level of stupid

  18. Can we get the video from the dude who has his phone sideways and squat down to get the good angle? I’m sure it’s a much better video than this.

  19. Those filming are almost bigger POS’s than the one with short man’s syndrome. What vile filth. I have never once been in a scene like this and even thought about breaking out my phone.

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