Demented old Karen snips hydraulic lines on a boom lift while the operator is up there

  1. I've seen this post a couple times, does anybody know anything else about the story? Curious to know what happened to Karen...

  2. Found something. There’s a name it should make it easier to find more. This link is from another Reddit post of this video.

  3. I wouldn’t cut a hydraulic line. Hydraulic fluid under pressure can squirt right through the skin, requiring surgical excision of tissue, or amputation.

  4. Yeah, that wasn't even my first worry, my first worry was that, under pressure some sort of non-fluid component, such as the steel tubing that holds the hydraulic fluid, or the boom itself, would snap down faster than a baseball pitcher and would render her smashed into large chunks of former human.

  5. How? The DA is the one that files criminal charges, and you can't hire the DA. You could sue civilly for property damage and maybe reckless endangerment, but without injury it'd probably be hard to even get reckless endangerment.

  6. So is this like a new thing where people respond to you and then immediately block you so you can’t respond back to them? I mean I’ve seen tantrums but this is a whole new level

  7. Right I mean I'd imagine cutting the main cylinder line would drop that bucket crushing her, so fucking stupid..

  8. That should only happen if you're using a bottom hung bucket. Nobody has used bottom hung buckets in 30 years. If you're still using an old Pittman do yourself a favor and don't. I used to get paid by the insurance company for pittman to buy their old machines from owners and cut them up so they wouldn't be liable.

  9. I hope she's charged with attempted murder. She's got no idea what she's cutting or what could happen. It's not simply vandalism. There's zero excuse for that level of malice.

  10. Environmental cleanup and pollution fine will be great. Property damage. Premeditated Attempted murder or at the very least some sort of battery/assault.

  11. That operator was never in danger. Not that the Karen knew it but those machines are incredibly safe. There are valves and switches that prevent rapid loss of fluid in the case of catastrophic hose failure. Yes it will leak some fluid, but that’s about it. His biggest issue is Now he may be stuck up there until another lift comes along.

  12. Absolutely. There's no way she knew it was safe to just go randomly snipping stuff in the lift like that. So she was committing reckless endangerment at best or attempted murder at worst.

  13. Too bad it wasnt a forklift or something like that often they have lots of pressure in the system and could even kill you when bolt cutting through them

  14. Evil wench is lucky 1) the line didn't spurt high pressure fluid into her body 2) the basket didn't come down and crush her 3) she didn't harm or kill the operator and go to prison. Fucking crazy karens

  15. Lifts trucks have a check valve kind of feature that stops pressure from releasing if a line is broken or cut. It just keeps them in the air.

  16. Where's the hydraulic oil? If she "snips" hydraulic lines there would be oil spraying everywhere. Those lines are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Misleading title.

  17. This is one of the reasons that you're required to have a "ground guy" on the crew here in Ontario. Most man lifts have an emergency control panel on the base of the unit to bring the lift down safely.

  18. Hello, construction safety guy here with certifications through United Rentals for the use and operations of aerial boom lifts! (Weirdly specific, and specifically applicable) the velocity fuse likely kept the operator safe enough to emergency stop, and kept reserve hydraulic fluid for stoppage. More likely than not, the operate experienced a small sharp drop, followed by either a slow lowering or no lowering at all, giving ground crew time to perform a rescue. That being said, this is a great way to land yourself in jail if not prison, so I would not recommend cutting hydraulic lines on Aerial Boom Lifts while in operation. As long as the operator was not immediately ejected by the initial drop, they likely were not harmed!

  19. This is exactly the sort of thing that is known to prompt hammers, wrenches, etc. to fall out of the clear blue sky and knock murderous old bats dead.

  20. she's lucky that thing wasn't powered up... the lines on the 'mules' we used to use to power up the flight controls on the F-15 had 3000psi... you don't look for pinprick holes in the lines for the simple fact that there is so much pressure if there actually WAS a leak the pressure would cut off your finger... if this thing had been powered up half her face would have been ripped off by the blast of hydraulic fluid coming from the severed line...

  21. Just wow!!! Couldn’t Thst actually be considered attempted murder in some places.? I mean what does she expect to happen if he is up in the air??

  22. I was hoping for the hot face full of hydraulic fluid for Karen! Was working a backhoe once and one of the lines sprung a leak 10 out of 10 would not recommend.

  23. Nah, modern equipment has arrestor valves to prevent that. Besides, she may have cut something, but it definitely wasn’t a hydraulic line.

  24. Yeah. Having been adjacent to a ruptured hydraulic system when working in a foundry job, no lines were damaged. When hydraulic lines rupture under pressure it’s like a damn whale breaching. You can see it without any difficulty, because it makes a massive cloud.

  25. I previously rented construction equipment and these hydraulic lines are under extreme pressure. If she had cut one it could inject fluid into her and kill her.

  26. 10 min fix. Literally does nothing but get her a criminal record. Lucky she didn't get sprayed with hot oil.

  27. Malicious destruction of property, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment since the worker was stranded, lying to authorities after she denied it, attempted murder since hydraulics are damn dangerous and we are dealing with that, large machinery in motion and a operator on site!!! Throw the book at her and her weird hair cut. The DA is a pansy.

  28. Obviously not snipping hydraulic lines. No pool of oil. Hydraulic hoses are very strong and are a rubber coating over steel so she’s obviously not strong enough to do that. She cut wires and killed the engine

  29. As a safety professional, I can say the she's lucky that the line she cut wasn't the hydraulic line. It if was the immense pressure from the line would have cause the fluid to possibly blow her face off and poison her blood stream.

  30. Because this nation for most of its existence was white people able to literally enslave others pre and post slavery without a wrist slap. In this case the crack probably didn’t help

  31. There's redundancy built into the machine. Like if you cut the cable to an elevator the brakes will kick in and stop it.

  32. What the hell was she thinking? Isn’t hydraulic fluid super flammable? Not to mention she could’ve killed herself and the operator.

  33. Some people hate that. I build sidewalk ramps and round a bouts, people loose their shit all the time about this kinda thing. I had somebody go off today because we are replacing an entrance to an alley by their house. Some folks just hate construction in their neighborhood, I get yelled at somewhat regularly for wasting tax dollars on ada compliant ramps etc. I don't know what's so wrong in these people's lives that they gotta take it out on infrastructure workers, but it's a very real phenomenon.

  34. The karma of this would have been if she electrocuted herself or doing this caused something to fall and hit her instead.

  35. There better be criminal charges and civil. She should have to pay all rescue and medical fees, looks hot and safety gear makes ot hotter, the person could pass out without water.

  36. Just for the record, if you snipped a hydraulic line under pressure it could literally cut you in half. This was more likely a wiring harness or the like.

  37. What could possibly get her that worked up about a boom lift? How much thinking did she have to do to go and grab branch loppers and then look for a line to cut...over what... I don't get it.

  38. And there I hoped she would get a nice hydraulic injection in her hand.... No not really, I don't wish anyone this shit... But a nice warm oil shower? Yep!

  39. I had a hydraulic line burst next to me while I was running a high pressure wax injection molder. It was fucking terrifying. Like a damn whale breached from the floor next to me.. and then I had one hell of a cleanup job, ‘cause that oil went EVERYWHERE.

  40. Wtf?? Kinda shame it didn't go crashing down on her head. Some people don't deserve oxygen they're breathing

  41. No hydraulic fluid, she's just cutting whatever. Operator was probably fine but God damn I'd scurry down that lift so fast and slap that cunt back into her Bridge club so fast she wouldn't remember what she watched on the last episode of her soap opera.

  42. Bitches like this deserve more than a fine. They deserve to smell that prison air to wake them up from their “perfected Christian life” coma.

  43. This is why there general rule of thumb is to have a spotter on the ground while working in a box, to avoid accidents and Karen's

  44. Jesus fucking christ. As an IPAF operator this is terrifying, thankfully the safety systems are in place however this women should be charged with attempted murder.

  45. She went home thinking that she struck a blow against the 5g towers and their mind controlling coronavirus.

  46. You are not going to cut a hydraulic line with a pair of loppers. They are layers of rubber and braided steel and are harder to cut than the same diameter steel rod.

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