Do you still have access to that deep inner voice long after your trip is done?

  1. I can access my deep inner voice all of the time, it's just a lot louder when I vape cannabis. I have noticed that my mind goes pretty fast and that I have different trains of thought, but NAC supplements have helped with that. Cannabis intensifies that deep inner voice.

  2. I always have anxiety about this actually, worried that the inner voice is like "hearing voices" and im going nuts. Would love suggestions on what to read/listen to stuff specifically abt the inner voice so I can put that anxiety to rest.

  3. Connect with it when you aren't tripping through meditation and/or prayer. It's nice to take the elevator to the top (psychedelics) AND it's a wonderful journey walking each step deliberately to the top. So much to see along the way!

  4. I think a connection to that voice comes from a healthy body and the healthy soul-body communication flow that comes from a healthy body.

  5. Not even necessarily after profound trips, but experiencing that kind of thing throughout my teens and 20s did help me to settle down and be quiet enough to hear the voice sometimes when it's talking. I wouldn't say I have full access to it, but it's there when I need it.

  6. When you learn how to silence the mind and listen you can hear it. Psyche's turn the sensitivity way up by shutting off the egoic mind

  7. That's where the work is. Cultivating that voice after getting a glimpse handed to you is the name of the game, it is a practice. Like building a muscle- learning how to listen is something that takes time

  8. Last time I heard it, it said “you’re blue” and I saw a bunch of blue, I frequently saw a blue light while meditating afterwards, but recently I’ve seen it less.

  9. Weird enough I have a very active inner voice, I use to have tons of intrusive thoughts, after a recent trip I no longer really have a super active inner voice, I’m kinda more content and the paranoia and anxiety that my inner voice always talks about stopped.

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