Nectar of the gods (DMT)

  1. This gentleman is absolutely right, I was just asked to sell this girl DMT. I say look research it then research it again an get back to me. She calls me 10 min later an says I'm good to go. I say whattt? She says your not gonna sell it? I said NO an first off I don't believe in selling D's. When I got Intruduced a few years ago from an actual chemist he never charged me once an this went on for months. So I don't think everyone is going to find what I found truly amazing an it's not a party drug. I think it's truly beautiful for certain people not everyone. I've heard idiots call 911 an pretty much put a bad name on a amazing experience... That's how I feel about the spirit molecule

  2. I’ve had a lady I work with ask me about it. I gave her 100g of MHRB and a “to do” list. She literally thanked me today for one of the most amazing experiences of her life. I’ve nicknamed her Jesse Pinkwoman, as she had no chemistry background.

  3. I’ve had a cartridge and a bag of deem sitting in my closet for like 3 years. It’s not something you’re tryin to repeat often, shit is humbling.

  4. I have it within arms length and have no urge to indulge. It’s not like coke and will smack you hard if you don’t respect it. Mentally speaking.

  5. Make your own. Last week I gave a lady 100g of mimosa hostilis root bark and an instruction list of what to do with it. This week she’s texting me thanks for an amazing experience after making her own dmt vape.

  6. Well actually, it took me awhile to get it strong enough but not precipitating, takes me 3 long hits to breakthrough

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