Weekly General Discussion Thread (July 10, 2022)

  1. What is the possible future for GT7 after it has been cracked? And also I'm sorry if this will sound stupid but I have no idea how such things work but is it possible that modders/hackers whatever could mess around with this game and make it playable offline or to at least gt sport's extent?

  2. himovies(dot)to, supernova(dot)to and himovies(dot)top are pretty okay alternatives. please use an adblocker before visiting them!

  3. Idk why people are seeding the main file, patch 2 and patch 3, but only 1 single person is seeding patch 1 and he has some really slow internet. Hasn't taken me this long to download 35mb since dialup days. 2 guys even leeched from me and caught up to me now lol.

  4. just found out someone sharing archived Crunchyroll 2020, totaled 8.6 TiB. Mad lad. But why would anyone needs those?

  5. Hello! Do you know any website where I can see live sports online without subscription and vpn? I know there was “sportslemon” but now I can’t watch…

  6. Been trying Plex and holy crap is it amazing. Although I agree the actual Plex streaming library is shit, you can ask fellow Plexians for invites to their media servers and you have so many good shows not available to stream at your fingertips. The Plex library would be good here if they at least had some old Sony shows available to stream like in the US and UK but who gives a fuck I have a media server with everything on it

  7. Cataz.net is down, as are a handful of other show/stream sites. Think something big happened? Or are they all close by each other , server wise? Sucks, man lol

  8. Randomly going through the (in)famous ok.ru and VK. With all the copyrighted content there, i wonder if there have been any takedowns (content, or account) over copyright there.

  9. Once I tried uploading a 1993 TV Movie called Out of Darkness and it got automatically taken down. Which is odd as my friend uploaded it before with no issues. Might have been before the Content ID footprint

  10. Taking an online course through Kaplan. They have an embedded electronic etextbook. Is there a way to "download" this embedded pdf?

  11. FitGirl's repacks are usually well-seeded. Try that if the download fails (I know you can't rehash your download to it, but if it plummets to 0kb/s, what other choice d'you have?)

  12. Does anyone know how the sports stream rehost sites work? It seems like most of the sites have a shared source and when that source is out all of them go down (happening right now as I type this).

  13. I'm a causal pirate. Whatever happened to comments on piratebay? I miss being able to scroll the comments for reviews on the quality.

  14. How can one tell which torrents are being monitored? I know those Notices are no big deal, but my landlord freaked out about the last one and threatened to shut off the wifi.

  15. Can someone help me? I recently got a smart box with apps installed and im trying to use stremio but most shows require to install add-ons i tried to find then i installed some bu they don't work that good.Can you recommend me some add-ons for this or some apps to install?

  16. What the fuck is up with fake links? I tried a random movie torrent to check rumors and the file listing in torrent client shows "exe", even for " Trusted" Uploaders. Does the skull not mean anything anymore?

  17. Pirating is like Russian roulette. The more you pull the trigger the more your chance of shooting yourself increases. Its also like sex, better to use protection than get a nasty STD.

  18. If I like good copies of movies (22-26" monitor at best, but usually on my 13" laptop), while having limited space (256GB on laptop, 1TB on external HDD), what should be the sweet spot or from which ripper should I download from? I want it to be sharp and have nice audio, but I only listen to laptop speakers or bluetooth headphones. I don't need over-the-top quality that I don't have equipment for.

  19. I'd go for YIFY - most of their uploads are decent quality (video and audio) and also not too huge. Otherwise, I just pick based on quality (e.g. 1080p, webdl or bdrip).

  20. how do you make captions for soap2day? one of my favorite shows dosent have them, and i saw another show have them made by a user but i don’t see anything about there website about that.

  21. What's the rule on invite trading here? I use IPT and it's been more than enough for everything I use but my GF is wanting specific, shitty reality TV shows that I haven't been able to find. UK shows found on NowTV like UK Teen Mom etc.

  22. Whenever you are torrenting something, does seeding start after the torrent is finished or while the torrent is still being downloaded?

  23. What method are you guys using to get music? It's been a long time since I've pirated any music (spotify has been good enough), and all the methods I used to use no longer work. I've already looked through the megathread, but unfortunately most of the promising options are no longer available. I can't find torrents of what I'm looking for either. Any recommendations?

  24. Spotify (download using Sidify) and YouTube (download via youtube-dl). Convert the latter to mp3 as needed using maybe VLC or something.

  25. I use Spotify and for songs that aren’t on Spotify I download them from YouTube through a website (I just search YouTube mp3 download theres a bunch of websites) and play them on the VLC app. There’s probably a way better and easier method you should make a post about it.

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