1. I would avoid attempting to summon anything to you, as you could easily end up with a demon inside your home, or attaching itself to you, wreaking havoc on your life. If your keen on an encounter, though, there’s bound to be places near you that are haunted that you can check out. Definitely do your research, though, and make sure you stay safe.

  2. Now, when you say a demon will wreak havoc in ones' life, do you mean that as in suddenly, bad event after bad event keeps unexplainably taking place in that person's life, no matter to what extent that person consciously does the right hibgs in life? Or does it extend much further than that?

  3. If you have no background with paranormal it's not the best idea to just summon something cause it might attract other thing. Try something easier like going to haunted locations and see if something appears

  4. I don’t think spirits or ghosts are things you purposefully want to interact with. They interact with us because they are trying to get our attention and tell is something, or give us a message. Unless of course it’s residual energy. But just my opinion - although paranormal encounters are super intriguing, I wouldn’t be seeking it out.

  5. I second the other poster who said go to a haunted location near you and see if you pick anything up. I highly recommend against summoning anything if you are not experienced in these matters.

  6. If you don’t have any experience I suggest you don’t. It can end really bad if a demon attaches itself to you.

  7. Don't "summon" one, go to a local area that is known to have activity you can experience, and download a couple apps with equipment on your phone, such as an SLS Alternative camera. And you'll have an experience 😁 SAFELY

  8. Leave it alone. Don't play with spirits or you will bring something into your life that attaches itself to you. Meaning causing you help and torment.

  9. Definitely not for someone who knows nothing about what they’re doing… who knows what’s going to happen, or what will come through? They shouldn’t be used as toys to try and get some kicks on a Friday night.

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