Creature that I tamed and made friends with as a child.

  1. Absolutely love it ❤️. True or not , beautiful story and very enjoyable to read. So Thank you for it! The OP couldn’t possibly win with todays society, the pictures would be attacked for being created or the humanoid would never look like that and so on….. best play for the OP is to do just what she is doing. Leave the negative humans to themselves and they will show us who the real evil creatures are. Much ❤️, good health and happiness

  2. If I was your parents I would’ve pulled you away and shot the creature to bits. Who tf keeps a humanoid creature in their barn that’s trying to eat you chickens

  3. Sounds like a reptilian humanoid to me. There’s got to be evidence of its existence in your loft. We’ve been in the age of being able to document evidence for a long time, people are skeptical of words, not surprisingly…so in the words of Jay Z “show me whatcha got”

  4. How come your parents didn’t continue to feed it knowing it was out there and you’d made it reliant on you for a food source?

  5. I know a little girl whose eyes looked exactly like you describe. It’s called Coloboma. She has other genetic defects. I’ll bet the “creature” was a mentality handicapped little girl with backwoods meth head parents. It’s cruel to call a human child with genetic defects a creature.

  6. You do know this isn't the sort of subreddit where you tell fictional short stories right? Impossible you or your family DIDN'T take a picture of it or try to figure out what it was. I doubt those who saw it would just never talk about it again. SO MANY HOLES

  7. My favorite part is when she tells her parents she’s tamed a humanoid creature and it’s chilling in their barn, and they’re just like “we’ll check it out in the morning!” 😂

  8. We need more details. Did you ever give thos creature fresh clothes, considering it only had dirty ripped clothes? Did you ever give it water or only food? Did it ever try to enter the house or was it wary of boundaries? How come the bullies and others who saw it never spoke about it to others, because this would have blown up as news.

  9. I gotta know more. First off WHY would you go to college?! I woulda stayed and been friends with it, fuck college, that’s like the coolest experience ever. Did your parents ever call the cops? Did they ever tell you like, WHAT THE FUCK is that thing?!

  10. That's very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this. During this whole time, did you ever get any pictures or video of it?

  11. This is by far the most trippiest experience I've come acrossed and read! So question, this creature appeared as a woman? But by the eyes and animalistic tendencies you could just tell it wasn't human aside from its eyes?.. I think it was awesome of you to show it kindness and affection! I really want to know what exactly it was!! Did it ever try and speak? Curious?

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