Do you Attract Demons into Your Life?

  1. Lol no, this stuff does nothing. I even did a succubus summoning ritual and nothing happened (I did meet an awesome girl the next day but nothing happened since I was on holiday and she was working).

  2. Well if you summoned it...give it time. When you least expect it it will make itself known. (30 yrs in the supernatural investigation service).

  3. I believe that it does attract spirits and demons. It even says in the bible to not read and get into those things because it does attract them. Before, I would love watching horror and ghost movies, and I would always have paranormal activities happen. I stopped though and nothing happened anymore. The more interested you are in ghost/spirits, the more they seem interested to you too. For what I believe is that the more you’re showing more interest in them the spirits believe you will be easily tricked and influenced. Idk that is what I believe. The spirits won’t always do something paranormal, there are many other ways they can come in contact with you. Either putting you down the wrong path, making you easily mad, losing hope, nightmares. Many other things.

  4. It won’t get them attached to you but will cause it and you have to take precautions trust me I’ve seen some bad stuff even a SW and stared at it in the eyes like a dream trance. My simple answer is the Bible is real but which one?

  5. I've watched alot of paranormal videos on Youtube and im fine.I also watch alot of horror movies and listen to black metal.I think its a possibility but not common.I think if someone were obsessed about a particular entity/demon then maybe it would get ''it's'' attention.This is just my opinion but i think people can attract these things with certain things like depression,drinking,drugs,basically any kind of addictions etc.

  6. I don’t believe that individually or even combined these things will attract evil, but I do believe that we as individuals are very unaware of how much we call them to ourselves and our lives. We set our destinations, afraid of certain things happening? They will. Think negative outcomes will prevail in certain situations? They will. We are meant to “ let go and let God“ we are to have faith in all that’s good, when you see the results of positive actions and positive thoughts you will believe there are spirits, angels etc. but just as they’re are the good they’re lppp pppare the bad, so which one will you talk into following you? I read and watch quite a bit of paranormal, but I also as I do when I read any Christian book I ask for protection and discernment of what I read and what I watch for me to see the entertainment value and the food for my spirit and my mind. The rest is junk food.

  7. I think yes and no and it depends to what extent you let the paranormal affect your mindset. I know that I am super strongly attracted to the occult and supernatural but that finding out about it is addictive yet makes me vulnerable. The times I've let this knowledge make me vulnerable it's when I've experienced darkish unexplainable things. Lately I've been watching a YT channel that has the most compelling proof of the existence of poltergeist and demons that I've ever seen. The first few days I've been strong enough not to be influenced and everything has been alright. From then on I started to get paranoid in my own house and decided to stop watching it and come back to my previous mindset. So far so good. You need to come from a very strong state of light within you not to attract the dark when researching about it.

  8. No, religious chatter I’m assuming. My family did the same. You have to summon them and assuming most don’t want them around you don’t just decide to summon one you don’t want around.

  9. I made a sigil about 8.5 years ago and charged it with blood, sweat, and tears. It sure did work but brought with it at least 3 spirits. Over time the activity calmed down but at first it was more than alarming.

  10. Naw ive been reading, listening, trying to create something, drug induced, alcohol, ouija boards. Talked about skin walkers in areas that have been sightings. Whistled in deep forested areas in the mountains etc.. ive got got nothing.. and im not religious.

  11. I used to have one follow me as a kid. He was a shadow person who first terrorised me then for some reason stopped the others from hurting me and protected me for years from other stuff. His nickname was Jack. He was a nice guy till nothing dangerous appeased anymore when we moved houses amd he just kinda vanished

  12. spirit is everywhere ifnits going to attach itself to you it will unless you know what you are doing and how to prevent it. I am heavily into the paranormal and witchcraft. I have inky once had an issue with attachments following me and that was a child. I have come across entities by moving into places where they already reside. So personally no it doesn't by ready and watching stuff.

  13. I only know about my own experiences, in which case it's not clear why the entities do what they do. It's likely that some practices make you more sensitive to them or advertise your presence to them, but who knows? I like to think of them as life forms that go around with their own agendas.

  14. I think it’s a possibility. I watch movies and tv shows, read books, and listen to podcasts about the paranormal very often, and love to visit haunted places, but I never allow myself to get involved past anything surface level. I never attempt to communicate or appear open to communication with any spirit, good or bad. I’m especially strict about this in my home. I live in a 115 year old house that has been owned by a lot of people since it was built and I don’t want to “meet” any of the previous owners lol. All of that to say, I think you attract what you’re open to attracting. I’m pretty firm with my boundaries, and if I feel like something I am watching or reading is leaving me vulnerable, then I back away from it. Of course this is just me and my own experience. It may be completely different for someone else… or maybe I’ve never crossed paths with a spirit who wants to talk with me either :)

  15. Yea I think it happens. The exact cause no idea. I knew two kids in college. One told me of a story about playing with a Ouija board in high school and attracting evil spirits in his life. Another at college with me played with one and said he had an evil spirit following him around. And I’ve had evil spirits attack me twice, both in the middle of the night. Once for wanting to change for the better and the other for talking with friends about devilish experiences. Maybe some of that can be explained away but it haunted me for years. Hand to sleep with the lights on for a long time.

  16. I did a ouija board when I was younger with buddies. Board said 666 for almost 15 mins when I tried to say goodbye because we started seeing shadows around the room and it got cold enough to see our breathe in the room during summer. When I walked outside to my truck i had an urge to look to my left. Standing there was just a silhouette of a very tall figure. No features, couldn’t see through it, but I could see the light from the flood light bouncing off the jeep behind it. It was clearly there. I froze in essentially fear, it turned and walked into the woods. I watched it walk into the dark woods out of lights touch. I tried to tell myself I never saw it. Walked to my truck and when the key bottomed out in the door I heard someone whisper my name directly into my ear and I spun around and no one, anywhere.

  17. Yes you attract entities into your life I know because I did it for years . When I came back to my faith,it stopped. Your actions can control your destiny

  18. All anyone can offer is anectdotal evidence here, but from my experience it has been the complete opposite. I search for and dig into the paranormal encounters of others because of my own experiences I've had throughout my life and everywhere I've lived. I've not had an increase in strange events/encounters nor any demonic seeming activity since I started digging further.

  19. No, I don't think it's true. I watch all sorts of paranormal shows, movies and have no issues. I believe if you acknowledge ''things'' like playing with a Ouija Board or do EVPs in your home or anywhere else, that you could possibly attract something very negative and you could get a attachment of some sort.

  20. I think it depends. I think they wander about looking for vulnerable people. In my experience I was a Christian and started to turn towards atheism but something noticed my spiritual weakness and immediately attacked me. Little did it know I would turn right back to Christianity and deal with it that way. So I think it matters if there is any around, if they even care about your fate, or something like that. I think they just target insecurities of those around it.

  21. Whenever I read something paranormal, or listen to it without earbuds, I can definitely feel something watching me. If it’s nerves or placebo, or actually spirits being attracted to it, I don’t know.

  22. I think it’s possible.. I saw something once, on the tv show Kindred Spirits, where a fear can manifest into something more real. I can’t remember what they called it. If I’m remembering right, if you have a fear of something, say a certain room in your house or a fear of a ghost haunting your house, your fear for that turns into an entity that exists in the space you fear. It sounds strange, I know. I also think I’ve seen it in action in my own personal life. I’ll go see if I can find the name of it for you.

  23. Oh, there’s a name for that. I forgot it though. Give me a few minutes, I’ll find the name for it for you

  24. I think that what you attract depends on how you feel, though that will typically be effected by what you think about habitually. If you can study the paranormal and stay upbeat, I don't think there will be a problem.

  25. Everyone has lower level entities attached to them. Every single person, this becomes evident with certain behaviors. You yourself have a daemon attached to you feeding off your energy, both negative and positive.

  26. I heard people say that but to speak the English language is damning once self since most of the word have horrible meaning in Latin ;it’s root …… I believe personal intention , and unconscious intentions make a difference and programming one self to be aware of of intentions and negitive energy one can rid there self completely of negative Entities that latch on and help bring headaches your way . Negative entities tend to move on once someone else’s energy that is worse come around or if your constantly not giving off negative energy . ANOTHER GREAT WAY IS To SHOUT IT OUT. NO BAD ENERGY OR ANYTHING ATTACHED TO IT . The intentions will remove all negative vibes and entities just follow through when thing try to get you down

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