Can spirits appear in daytime?

  1. My daughter interacts with them more, they talk with her. The boy likes to grab feet from under the bed, he does that to her or reaches thru her frame to mess with her feet. He tries to wake her up at night to play. He's grabbed my husband's feet once. He also was standing behind him one day watching him work on the computer, he said he was twirling his hat in his fingers clothing like from the 20s-30s. He has also taken my husband during a dream to an apple orchard and wanted to show him the apple barrels. I've only seen glimpses of him in my perifials. And the old lady he's caught her watching him leaning against the wall in the hallway looking into our room. I've only seen full body of my cat occasionally, and can tell when he jumps on her bed. When a cat jumps on the bed it feels the same no matter the cat.

  2. I once saw a black figure in broad daylight walk into a room, and then disappear. It happened in my Grandmother's abandoned house that I was exploring with friends. The house was built around the Civil War, and has holes in the walls for sticking gun barrels out.

  3. Just checking also, you dont share a wall with a neighbour, and what you heard is actually from their house transferring noise?

  4. I know what you mean, I live in an apartment building and I’ll hear creepy laughter from my neighbor once in a while as well as the closet on the other side of the wall opening and closing. (The neighbor was doing all those lol) and my mom even heard a neighbor on the other side (her bedroom bordered their’s) having a good time if you know what I mean.

  5. As someone who used to live in a haunted house, I can say without ambiguity that YES apparitions can appear during the day. They can do whatever it is they want at any time of the day or night. I even had a spirit following me around our front yard once when we were having concrete poured for the base of a new shed. The spirit was fascinated by the whole thing and I could see him right beside me, shoulder to shoulder, for at least an hour.

  6. We have 4 in our house, plus one of my cat that passed away 4yrs ago. He followed me everywhere, and now he follows me around still, I catch glimpses of a shadow like a cat running into my room. My husband and daughter can see the people also. I walked thru the house and said aloud that if they weren't disruptive then we are all ok with staying here for another week. They have and followed us to our new house. we have a mom and her son, he's around 10 likes ,her daughter she crawls😱 on the ceiling like she's a spider. But the Mom assured us there wouldn't be any problems.

  7. Yes. The reason, I think, most events happen at night is because these entities react with light in unusual ways. In daylight, they are very difficult to detect, but at night, light in the right directions or angles, can reveal them. There are 2 witching hours I know of per day. Dusk, between 6pm-9pm and very early dawn, 3am-5am. Of course, please take into consideration season and world location. I don;t have concrete evidence, but I believe this activity occurs due to electromagnetic activity that spikes during these times due to the position of the sun.

  8. It's because of some form of radiation in the suns rays.the Chinese won't do tai chi in direct, scorching sunlight for the same reason as it is detrimental to your chi

  9. Yep. If it’s haunted at night, then it will be haunted in the day time too. 😁 The reason that most paranormal investigations occur at night is because investigators have always had to work a regular job during the day.

  10. You really think that’s the main reason? 😂 their equipment works better at night, and like the comment above yours, spirits are easier to detect at night

  11. I think the issue is most don't want to be seen so you don't see them so much. At night they have more privacy and tend to come out more. But yes you can definitely see them in daytime.

  12. Happens all day and night at my home. If they are there, they can be seen or heard. It’s just that night time is quiet and there are less distractions so it’s seems they only show up at night.

  13. They do all the time. We're just less jumpy in the daylight, so it's more believable when you tell yourself that your mind is playing tricks on you when you notice a figure staring at you.

  14. Absolutely, especially if the house has multiple ghosts or the activity happens in a not so well lit area of the home. Try lightning up your place a bit, get a paint job, replace the lights. Anything that will cover up/remove the bad energy will help! Go have fun, go to the park, friends house, sleepover, etc! Having good times removes the fear you have which will starve the spirits and force them to leave! Speaking about forcing them to leave, use your voice, make the spirits know that this is your home, and that your in control.

  15. They aren't bound by the "rules of the living". If it's a residual spirit, and was more active during the day while it was alive, it will be more active in the day. I've experienced paranormal stuff during the day and at night.

  16. Ghost, poltergeist, demons etc are able to manifest and mess with you any time of the day or night. They don’t sleep or hibernate or wait for 3am. I’ve had crazy stuff happen during the day.

  17. It's more that there is less likely to be regular activity as a variable, such as traffic/cars, animals, light, other people, etc., it's also much easier to pick up on subtle changes in the environment.

  18. Spirits while more powerful and active after sunset, definitely can and do appear in daytime , it's not like they can just vanish during the day.

  19. In a word, yes. Its not even an irregular occurrence. If it was, mediums would only ever work nights lol.

  20. My grandmother was OBSESSED with owls and collected hundreds of owl figurines from all over the world. Because of her, owls became quite symbolic in my family.

  21. Wow… that’s actually beautiful. I’m curious to ask, even after this owl experience, do you still not believe in anything regarding after life?

  22. Absolutely YES, and they do all the time. 40 years ago, I worked in an office located in Lidcomb, right next to Rookwood Necropolis in Sydney. Even thought I was mostly working on my own, the office was stacked with Spirits just roaming around and through the place.

  23. Spirit activity can appear in daytime. I've seen a ghost in the early afternoon plus experienced other paranormal things in the daytime. So has my partner and dog.

  24. Definitely. Im not sure why all tv shows only do the night-time stuff. Life long activities happened in the daytime. Watching spirits in the daytime is like watching a reflection of their activities when they were alive people.

  25. Most my stuff happens during daytime. You've watched too many horror movies. Demons aren't nocturnal I don't think they even sleep.

  26. Yes. I've seen & heard things I could not explain in broad daylight. I've had keys gone missing only to return when I demanded the return. So,....

  27. Absolutely, and in fact, many theorize that residual hauntings may be more common during the day than at night.

  28. Ghosts can appear at any time if the day or the night but they're more common at night because 3 AM is considered the witching hour cause it's when that kind of magic ability (ghosts strength if they're dead) is the strongest. But, if a ghost is strong enough then they can be active wherever. And don't interact with it directly till you know if it's malicious or not. Cause some strength comes from anger at something or people and they may be mad at you for moving in

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