Can a brand new house be haunted?

  1. Depends on what you’re experiencing. Could be environmental if it’s just creepy feelings, could be something tied to the land the house was built on, could be tied to something or someone in the house that is causing the energy.

  2. What you are asking is pretty much the premise of the movie Poltergeist. To answer your question : Yes, the land could be on haunted or sacred grounds.

  3. So... What I believe a "haunting" is, actually has nothing to do with someone dying and their soul being stuck here on earth.. What I think the paranormal is, is much more scientific. Think about the electromagnetic spectrum, how vast it is, and the fact we only perceive something like 0.0005% of it. Now think about the vast amount of life and things that we can perceive in the tiny bit of spectrum we do see.. And imagine how much could exist outside of what we experience. To think there isn't some form of life, some entity residing in those other spectrums, In other dimensions, is foolish to me. And It would make sense that they can interact with this world as they choose. So, it doesn't matter if the house is brand new, or any other factors for that reason.

  4. I love this! I’m really curious what you think “active” places are the result of? Like for example, Waverley Hills Sanatorium is considered to be very active with a lot of hauntings. Why would so many of these entities gather at one place? Or why are there “hauntings” at places with mass amounts or historical deaths?

  5. That’s so interesting! Do you think maybe that humans can unknowingly interact with an entity of this sort and accidentally trigger some events?

  6. that’s what I guessed. My dad’s house as a child was in Mexico. He was very poor, so we’re talking little cement house, that was on native burial grounds. Definitely some horror stories from that place.

  7. The estate that my uncle lives was built near a hill where criminals used to be publicly hanged. His house isn't new or anything, but yeah, it's haunted though.

  8. Depends what the site was throughout history, most places will have historic death connections, so everywhere could be

  9. Absolutely. The land could have a lot of history. My dad built my childhood home back in 1986 and he and my mom got married and had me shortly after. The area just outside of the neighborhood was Indian burial, although my dad said he didn’t find any artifacts when he started building. Our neighbors all had stories of terrifying apparitions inside of their homes and other unexplained events. At the time, the houses were all brand new. I was looking at real estate in that neighborhood recently and noticed a trend. A majority of those houses have new home owners every 1-2 years. I know that’s not a coincidence. It makes me wonder if people are getting scared out of their homes.

  10. My last home was a brand new build - like my husband and I were the ones to build the home, in a brand new development. I still had a couple of unexplained experiences in that house. One time I had a particularly bad night with my son when he was about 9 months old. My mother was staying with us, in the guest room at the other end of the house. At about 8am, after my husband had left for work, my son woke and started fussing. I was sooo tired, I lay in bed and hoped and prayed my mother would hear him, and get up to him. Sure enough, a few mins later, I heard a woman’s voice in his room, shushing him and he quieted down. I went back to sleep. A couple hours later, after we all woke and were up for the day, I said to my mom “so he settled ok when you went into his room?”, she gave me a really strange look and said “I never went into his room. I heard him cry for a minute, but he stopped”. I was like “I definitely heard a woman shushing him back to sleep”. We were both freaked out. I had a couple of other weird experiences in that brand new house, but that one stood out for me the most. The land that house was built on, was an old homestead.

  11. My wife and I have a new house as well and have had some unexplainable things happen to us as well. I chalk it up to objects that spirits can attach themselves to. For us I think it’s a rocking chair that we got off of Facebook market that could have brought the spirit in. It’s the only thing I can think of

  12. Logically my mind is going to shotty electricity or a small gas leak? But anything that was built on that land previously could be residual

  13. I’ve had several unexplainable things happen in a house in which our family were the first occupants. Whether it’s us, or the land, who knows.

  14. What exactly feels off? Anything specific happened? I usually need time adjusting to a new surrounding, might be just the same for you guys. Wall colour can also have an impact. Where’s the house built on/ next to? I recommend you to do a cleansing with incense, palo santo (keep windows closed while doing that, don’t burn the house). After that, open the windows and have a walk for half an hour/ an hour. Maybe get in touch with your friend, ask them if they also feel weird there.

  15. Do you always keep your windows closed when using palo santo? I was once told to open windows to allow the bad energy to leave. I’ve probably been doing it wrong this whole time lol

  16. Yes it can. And if you’re house sitting and feeling off. It could be the house owners energy. Sometimes it’s not the house. Could be the land. Or the energy you bring. Or a neighbor. Depends. Spirits can go anywhere any everywhere.

  17. Yes if they practice satanic ritual or a dead body under your house or in your land check it put and get holy water bless your family and your house and the world

  18. I mean, with a new house I’d be worried about some kind of shoddy electrical or HVAC work messing with the vibes before I’d go straight to ghosts, just cause depending on how quickly a new house was built and what the budget was, it can have more issues than an old house. Mundane before magical, ya know?

  19. Yes. Time is not a factor for inanimate possession. Someone could have performed a ritual in or around the house where paranormal entities were conjured.

  20. I used to live in a house my parents had built in 1989. Nothing happened in the house like a death or conjuring. There was obviously something attached to the land. My mom saw a dark thin figure outside. Smoke alarms kept going off. Then the garage door opening and closing by itself. These were early on and stopped after a while. However something kept making pictures fall off the wall in the same spot in the dining room. Talking to old timer neighbors, we found out that someone hanged themselves in the 50s in a barn by our property, and that mini balls used to be found after plowing. These both give a possible reason. No battle there, but small groups headed to Gettysburg may have encountered each other and shot at each other. Someone may have died there from that. Or it was something else. Shortly before moving a small figurine of a rooster flew from a cabinet towards me. I actually saw it rock back and forth before it was launched. It did not simply fall. Maybe the whatever was mad that I was going to be leaving. I was mad too! I didnt want to leave. I actually miss the ghost thing. In an 1894 house now and no activity.

  21. Absolutely. I once went a relatively newer apartment complex to clean out an apartment that was having supernatural issues plaguing it. These issues though were from an entity that was not human and may have been caused by some novice witchcraft. Land can be haunted, things can be haunted, people can be haunted. Keep that in mind.

  22. I have psychic abilities to communicate with and see spirits. They are all around. I cast them out of my home. I can teach you how to use your minds eye. You need sensory deprivation to help the meditation and you can see spirits also.

  23. Ours had activity in it since we moved in, and it was only seven years old when we did. The land was First Nations land, and we live by many reservations.

  24. Look for any used/second hand/antique furnishings. I’m not big into this stuff but I know for 100% that we had a thrift shop mirror that was terrifying and something bizarrely horrible was associated with it. I didn’t know it was going to be removed but the day I walked in the house; I knew it was gone before I knew it was gone. Give us an assessment on your furnishings!

  25. My parents built our house a year before I was born in a town in CT USA that used to be farm land and before that, Native American land, and we even have proof of dinosaurs hanging out in the area. Our house was and still is haunted and my parents (and then my sister and I) were the only ones to ever live in it. I’ve since grown up and had a family and home of my own but I still go back every summer. It’s still active though thankfully not nearly as much as when I was a teen

  26. Yes. The land it was built on and especially the people that already live in the house. Their stress, fear, anguish 😧 is there too.

  27. When I returned to my home state two years ago I stayed in a house on a desolate piece of land in the woods. My friends family built the house years ago and there were no homes on that land previously. I had experiences constantly. I spoke to someone who is very sensitive to these things gs and was told it wasn’t the house but the land, things happened there long ago and stayed on that land. It was always a sense of relief leaving to work every morning while I stayed there. The entire property had a very dark vibe to it despite it being a very high end, expansive area and decent people around.

  28. Yep. It could be an item in the home with an attachment, it could be the land, or someone in the home (resident or builder) could have summoned something.

  29. Our house is 5 years old and has been haunted since day one. Turns out it's on an old psych ward which had tunnels underneath. We put cameras in our rooms and it all checks out! Definitely something in our damn house.

  30. You *had tunnels underneath? Are they sealed up now? Did you once have an entrance to them from your house?

  31. Oooo I have a crazy story for you. When my son was in middle school, he became interested in geology after learning about it in science class. He started collecting rocks and minerals, and then I got into it as well. We had so much fun going to different stores and buying cool mineral specimens.

  32. Oh yes...our place was built on old native burial grounds on our reservation and my daughter use to see a little girl in a pink dress.My husband was working down the road and his crew opened a door and there were small footprints starting in the middle of the floor and ending a few metres away.

  33. I think more than the house itself, maybe the land is haunted or something? Does it feel like that outside too, or just inside

  34. For sure. My husbands parents (a realtor and contractor) built their dream house and moved into it when DH was 13 thorough high school. Him, his two brothers and his parents all have different individual experiences plus some that happened to all of them at the same time. It’s in the PNW, suburban now but wasn’t at the time, they are all convinced it’s on a burial ground.

  35. My parents had a brand new house built when I was 13 and it was definitely haunted. It could be the land but it can also be the energy of the people in the house attracting spirits.

  36. Moved into a new spec house in California at age 5 with my family. It was on a block that was shared with a huge cemetery. There were some strange happenings from the beginning, including me seeing a full body apparition at about age 7. Eventually things calmed down, but I never felt super easy while we lived there.

  37. Definitely. My mom had one built when I was about 8, immediately had activity day one. My Grandpa's house, with whom we had been living with, never had any sort of activity. So I wasn't very familiar with paranormal activity, and was terrified from age 8 until age 14.. as was every other member of my family that lived in the brand new house.

  38. No houses exist on the other side. So if they can haunt a 100 year old house, why can’t they haunt a 1 year old house?

  39. They could if a spirit somehow settled there or something happened in that spot before house was built/ that or a demon could be setting up for some crazy shit, doubtful very rare

  40. Possibly objects in the house. My parents were huge antiquers and there were pieces from time to time we would bring in the house and it felt wrong. You would have that sense of someone watching you, catching movement out of the corner of your eye, etc. Once we all figured out everyone else was feeling weird about it we would sell it or put it in storage and those “feelings” would go away. Maybe psychological tricks or something but it’s possible.

  41. Its the land Or one of the normal residents could have an attachment. I've had spirits follow me all the way home from 3hrs away!

  42. Totally possible, it is less likely though. Ghosts inhabit structures or especially stone structures, to a lesser extent plaster and brick, and even less wood. There are many kinds of spirits other than ghosts. It is most likely to be stones IMO.

  43. Houses can be haunted, so can just about anything. A plot of land can be haunted. It is possible that a person who claimed the land still resides there. Ghosts have no boundaries or sense of private property (other then theres). If they owned a peice of land 200 years ago, everything that sits there now and everything that will sit there in the future belongs to them.

  44. Yep, for lots of reasons. The land could already be haunted. An item (or person) brought into the home could be haunted. Someone may have been murdered and buried in the foundation or walls. Another theory holds that the house may be haunted by an elemental that's made nature was destroyed to build the house.

  45. My aunt and younger cousins swore their house (they were no previous owners) was haunted. They said they'd see and hear things. My Uncle never experienced anything though, just his wife and my 4 cousins.

  46. Some spirits can feel intimidated by certain people, it could be a ghost was afraid of your uncle thus left him alone. Young children are more susceptible to the paranormal as well.

  47. I felt a negative vibe in a stairwell at a relatives house when i was alone there one day. Feeling came out of the blue, told myself it was nothing/overactive imagination. A few months later my relative was pushed down those stairs by an abusive partner. So who knows.

  48. When we moved into our new family home in 2001, it was a new build on a new little housing development. It was all built on what was, Harlow Wood Hospital - a First World War Spine Hospital iirc. Nothing happened at our house but there were stories of builders leaving the site and not returning as apparitions, or just people as they would have seen it, were coming through walls that these guys were actually building. They found lots of bones as they were digging out new foundations, and the whole site is next to ‘Thieves Wood’ which has a lot of history.

  49. Spirits can attach themselves to just about anything. Hell my family owns an oil can and wrench with a ghost named Jack attached to it.

  50. It could be the land . The land itself could have had something on it. So check local history in the library or historical society and see what was there before.

  51. The last 2 places I've rented, it has been confirmed someone has died (of age, and natural causes) inside. Have never felt negative energy, but it does stick in the back of my mind. I know you're referring to the land, but it makes me wonder how many ppl don't know wtf happened in their home or rental before they moved in.

  52. EMF can cause this. Some of the electrical routing and circuits used in room with multiple switches for lighting can create fear cages like no other and change just as quick as you turn the light on/off from the other side of the room. Sometimes convenience is not always great for our brains. In my experience basements are often the worst with overhead wiring splitting different directions throughout a home.

  53. very interesting take! ive heard that high levels of emf could kind of initiate paranormal experiences, but not that they could be the sole cause. id love to learn more about that phenomenon

  54. Nope. Nothing is haunted. You either pick up on stuff or you don’t. Most people definitely sense something at some point or another (fleeting), or you can go your whole life picking up nothing and then BOOM!

  55. Could’ve brought something in with you from a different place, things purchased, the land. We bought a house in Hawaii. Built in 2015. In a very sacred part of the big island. We cleansed the heck out of it.

  56. I’ve heard of it, but unless you’re experiencing signs of a haunting-apparitions, voices that stop suddenly as you’re entering a room, etc, it could be carbon monoxide, strange new surroundings, or a lot of thing. Ask the folks straight out when they get home.

  57. Those trendy new influencer ghosts. . . They are just everywhere. . . The other day, I was hearing a snapping sound, and sure enough it sounded like a shutter. Either my landlord is being a little fresh, or them influencer ghosts are at it again. . .

  58. The only place I've ever stayed, that I truly believe had some funky shit going on, was a hotel that was about a year old. Mesa, AZ so lot's of opportunity for the ground to be haunted or whatever.

  59. I know this is not the point of the post, but I absolutely LOVE the term wigglies and clones. Im going to reffer to people as wigglies from now on.

  60. That’s a great question- my guess is that of ghosts are real, they either don’t or can’t hang around indefinitely.

  61. I’m not convinced that hauntings involve dead guys. The randomness and lack of motivation in most hauntings seems like the opposite of how people are.

  62. Yes I once lived in a brand new apartment complex and could still see spirits within my apartment and around the whole complex when I walked my dog. I’ve always been able to see spirits as a child so that’s not strange for me. But this was the first home I lived in that was brand new! So thought perhaps this is the evidence that proves I’m insane. But after walked my dog to the very edge of the property line. There it was in a massive billboard with the history of the land in full display. It was once’s a military base/land used during the war era and since it’s of no use was sold off for building new homes. So all those spirits I saw walking around my new apartment and the countless shadow figures darting around the neighborhood was likely already there attached to the land.

  63. You shouldn't have to have watched very many horror movies to know, it's not the newness of the house, it's where it was built and how.

  64. My husband and I built a house and it had a really negative vibe from the beginning, apparently the land was haunted

  65. Others have covered a plethora of reasons a home could have paranormal activity even if its brand new so I won't get into that.

  66. It’s the place, not the house itself.. one thing about ghosts is certain - they don’t really realize that the time had passed and surroundings have changed. They go on through their routine echo of an existence, walking the same paths they’ve known all too well when alive… which is why they often seem to pass through the walls and so on. There were no walls there when their route was initially set.

  67. Heck yes. The house I grew up in was built in the late 1950s but the ghosts I saw were from the around the 1800s from their clothing. The land had previously been a farm in the late 1700s and early 1800s, then a plantation in the 1800s. All the previous properties had been burned down/demolished.

  68. Yes absolutely, from personal experience as a kid. I thought it was my imagination for years and was afraid to tell my mom and stepdad and they knew the whole time. Idk if the land was haunted, or energy brought into the home by one of us, but it wasn't Casper the friendly ghost. It got more frequent and more "aggressive" until we did something about it. I no longer live there, but it has started again or continued the whole time less focused on me, to a lesser extent overall. It made our animals that were best friends extremely aggressive. One second they acted normal, you touched them and they attacked. Before they became aggressive, they both went from staring at the same spot/pillar in the home, then became vocal towards it, then looked up growling hissing barking as if their worst enemy/intruder was up there.

  69. My Grandparents had that issue when my Mom was a kid. Started with footsteps in the closed up attic, things disappearing, cats staring and hissing then slowly got more intrusive and aggressive. It would sit on their beds, turn on appliances, bang pot and pans in the middle of the night. They could see a figure in their peripheral vision, then progressed to vivid nightmares that were terrifying. My Grandma had enough. Her cousin was a Catholic nun, gave her a prayer to say daily for several days. That got rid of it and never came back.

  70. I've heard of cases where spirits attach themselves to people and they bring the spirits/entities back to their homes. Also through haunted objects. I'll never buy used or antique furniture

  71. My SIL always left bad energy when she would come. It would take weeks for the house to feel lighter again. She is an addict and every time she would come there was always this heavy almost shadow around. My nieces could see it, so could my son. My parents saw it. And yes, people will go on about the placebo effect.

  72. Could it be the land that the house was erected? Was there any history that is attached to the land or near to the land that you can find on the archive?.

  73. Yes, but do yourself a favor and check for gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and electro magnetic fields. Strong fields are known to give people that anxious off feeling. If you exhaust all those, then you probably got something hangin’ out.

  74. Honestly, especially this since it’s a new house. New houses, especially tract housing, are put up on the cheap and with plenty of short cuts.

  75. I would like to add water veins. Living above water veins can be energetically draining, and some say it can even manifest in headaches, tension in your body and sleep disturbances.

  76. Get carbon monoxide checked. But yes. Demons are chained to the earth, it does not matter what is on the part of earth they reside in

  77. As one fellow below mentioned, check if there's is any gas leak/accumulation (carbon monoxide especially) Also, if the house "feels" off then maybe it is a psychological effect of the structure of the house (not enough light, odd dimensions, etc..)

  78. Do it right. Have everyone at the table wear blindfolds. One person standing reads the answers, if possible. Doing it any other way is going to be bullshit.

  79. Yes. The only 100% haunted house that I've had the misfortune of experiencing. It wasn't a new house by the time I went there, but the same family had been there since it was built and they report that there's been fuckery afoot since the day they moved in. Actually, even before they moved in because they had to rebuild the house because it burned down in a mysterious freak incident days before completion. They had to build the house twice. If only they had read the signs, they could've saved themselves (and especially their kids) a lot of terrible experiences over the years.

  80. After watching paranormal shows on youtube,im going to say yes i think thats possible.You might have a brand new home but any piece of land is old.There could be anything from ancient Indian burial grounds to a witch to voodoo/black magic etc.You have no idea what happened on that piece of land whether its 100-300 years or 1000 years.

  81. There is something in my parents house. The house is almost 50 years old, but they bought it brand new. My hometown was pretty busy during the Civil War, so I figure it was someone from that time whose spirit is still in the house.

  82. Yes, it could still have negativity. Also, too it could be the land. There could be something attached to whomever lives there as well.

  83. Someone could have messed with a ojia board or something could have happened on the property in the past

  84. I'm assuming from your profile you are a fellow UK'er. The thing here is we have a very long human history and small land space which increases the likelihood that you'll stumble upon land that holds 'energies' . When that land is built on that energy doesn't just go away or disappear hence new homes can have problems.

  85. Remember that many lots were built upon land previously occupied by native American people. Farm fields and open spaces had previous history we may know nothing about. If buildings or homes occupied the land they leave their own energy in the land itself, good or bad.

  86. We have been living in new houses since 2021. Before that, there were very old houses that have been demolished. Due to corona, construction was stopped for a long time when the houses were already half ready, this is the moment when different spirit families have already started living in our properties. several women even got possessed in our new street.

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