How long has the paranormal been apart of your lives?

  1. Sporadic for me. I was in my mid-twenties during my first experience (awaking worried about my grandfather at the moment of his death - I lived 3000 miles away).

  2. Since I was two. It's one of my first memories. My father and I both saw a workman looking out at us through the sheer curtains on his mother's front window. We both thought it was her, and when she didn't open the door for us, he got worried. Thinking she may have fallen or something, he unlocked and went inside.... She wasn't there, and all the other windows and doors were locked.

  3. As long as I can remember, my first childhood memory (I was around 2 or 3 at the time) was of seeing a shadow child passing the foot of my bed at night. I'm 23 now and have had a plethora of experiences since.

  4. Mine was 7. My mom and I were in her apartments kitchen and we were making this chocolate mug cake in this little mug she had gotten and she had said something about Annabeth being upset. I had no idea who annabeth and obviously questioned who this was. I just assumed my mother was crazy and continued making my mug cake while she was sweeping. I had literally just got my cake out of the microwave and turned around when my mom was sweeping by the fridge. The fridge door swung open and she smacked her head into the window. It cut her head open.

  5. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and both sisters had/have the gift to see and sense spirits and paranormal issues that my brothers and I could barely notice. They have/had the gift. (mother, grandmother and great-grandmother are deceased)

  6. Ive known about and felt a strong connection towards the paranormal since as long as i can remember tbh. Ive also grown up with my grandma and other family members from my dads side telling me their stories as well. I think my first real experience that i can remember happened when i was about 7 or 8 though. I personally think it's a blessing and it doesn't really bother me anymore since i'm so used to it

  7. Since I was 8 (I'm currently 46). I've had many paranormal experiences throughout the past 38 years, all in different apartments & homes (& boarding school when I was 14-15). There's been places that I've lived where there's no paranormal activity whatsoever but I've lived in a few spots where there's a ton of activity. To this day I'm like "did that really happen?" but my mother & I witnessed a bunch of crazy stuff together & my very skeptical husband had his first (& only) paranormal experiences while we were living in an apartment in Bay Ridge Brooklyn a few years ago (this was literally the most activity I'd ever experienced in one place).

  8. Never had any direct experiences, very rarely a subtle one, so im kinda just a satellite orbiting around the various stories told

  9. Yes, it can be very stressful if you are deeply sensitive. I'm gonna do another post asking people about their paranormal experiences, so, please comment, would love to hear them. You yourself, your soul is strong energy, can feel it.

  10. I'm now 37yrs old and I had experienced the paranormal since I was about 3/4 years old. I grew in a haunted house at my dad's house. My grandparent's house is also haunted. The old apple orchard on my grandparent's property is also very haunted. The neighbors cherry orchard is also haunted and at the end of the first lane they're is a vortex. Of course you can't physically see it but you can feel it when you walk through it. It has its own natural breeze/wind and it's only in the one spot. We have young kids spirits in the old apple orchard. And there is this invisible very large black dog thing that likes to growl at you if walk near the cherry orchard. And follow you all the way up top lane of the cherry orchard. It's done it both to my dad and uncle more than once. I've taken a picture of it but deleted because young and dumb. The black dog was the size a car in the photo. And looking directly at me in photo. That was both very cool and scary. I've lived in 2 different apartments and both were haunted. The first apartment I lived was terrifying. A spirit or something in the apartment target my 2yr old son. We only lasted 2.5yrs and the apartment. But things were fine until my son started get mobile and then the nightmare started. And the second apartment I lived in it for 4yrs before the spirit in that place got bad. I had front door knob turn and open on it own at least 8 times. The lock on the door would turn. You couldn't turn it w/o pushing in the first. To the washer lid locking on its own. Foot steps from the master bedroom to the first bedroom next to front door. To clock on the lifting up and the nail and falling to the floor. And the last one that made me leave the apartment after 4yrs. Was a 5.5 ounce can of cat food sitting in the middle of the table in dining room flew off the table and hit the back of the couch right where I was sitting at. I lived alone with 2 cats. And no cats didn't do it. They were both right next to me because they were clingers and go anywhere without me.

  11. I can't post another post for seven days because it keeps people from spamming the community 😟 I thought about making my own community, what do you think?

  12. Wow... You are very gifted for sure! You could possibly be a medium and spirits sense that and they are trying to get your attention so they can communicate with you, for you to listen to them.

  13. Since birth. Age 24 now. Pretty cool i mean this world is passing away soon anyway the spiritual is where its at

  14. 1994. We lived in a demonic house for 10 years. In 1994, the house was already over 100 years old. The 1st part of the house was peaceful. My dad's grandfather died peacefully in his sleep in my middle room. They say he was a very good man. The back part, however, was a whole different world. The back bedroom had the most windows. Even in Summer with the sun shining in that room was still oddly chilly. I'd close the door, come back later to find it cracked open. When we'd walk by, you could feel these eyes staring at you, burning holes in your back. I was washing dishes one bright sunny afternoon. I heard these footsteps running in the hall and then running up behind me. The wind from the 'runner' washed over me as I heard it whisper, "Stacy" in my ear. I thought my brother was pranking me. So, I quickly turned around and started to call my brother's name. But, he wasn't there. No one was. When I was in bed, I felt a fist of wind punched me in my face. We could hear tea parties going on. See shadow figures' reflections dancing in the glass on the hall door. My brother was outside around 7 p.m. He saw a mysterious looking man in a leather trench coat walking towards him. My brother blinked and the man was gone. We sold it eventually. But, they barely stay 2 years. My mom and I went to look through it one day when it was on sale again. We walked through it with the realtor. When we reached the laundry room in the back, the back door was open. The weather was sunny and no wind was blowing. My mom said, "All it needs is TLC." The second she said "TLC", the back door slammed shut so hard, it sounded like it should've broken into tiny splinters. The realtor looked disturbed. She didn't know that we knew about that house. We were in it for 10 years. Yep. The house is still demonic. I'd still move back into it if I could afford it.

  15. OK, this is just my opinion, but, the things you described didn't seem demonic or negative. Some people I feel when strange things happen, assume it's demonic. To me, it seems something was just trying to get your attention, and to some that can seem negative.

  16. I can't recall a point where the paranormal wasn't part of my life. My earliest memories is getting up in the middle of the night every night because I heard voices & thought the TV was on, but it never was. As little kid I didn't think anything of it other than being confused each time. These sorts of things were so frequent growing up, & having had open minded parents whom loved sharing their own stories, I thought the paranormal was normal. & because of that, I never really feared the paranormal (though I have had some scary experiences). I had no idea till I was around 10 that it wasn't just a fact of life, but debated by a lot of people or that there were people who didn't believe. Led to a lot of awkwardness growing up. These days, the main a abnormality I often deal with are my cats lol. Though the paranormal is still a frequent part of my life. Hardly a fortnight goes by without something happening.

  17. All my life. My first memory is of something very strange. I remember lying on the living room floor and was surrounded by beings that looked like they were made of light. The closest comparison I could make would be that they were like the creatures at the end of the dark crystal (film, not the series). One of them bent over me and I got scared and called out for my mum. I was 3 years old. It turns out I was seriously ill with kidney failure. My mum says she found me lying on the floor and I was taken to hospital. The medical staff apparently told her if it had been any later I would have died. I've had so many strange experiences, I could probably write a book. What's interesting is that so many people have these kind of experiences as children and then it diminishes as we get older. It can be a gift, but also a curse if you don't understand what's happening. I'm still trying to figure out the nature of it all.

  18. I grew up in a haunted house, the earliest thing I remember seeing was when I was about 4/5. It continued off and on into young adulthood when I went to college and lived in 2 haunted dorms. I’m now in my late 50’s, live in a haunted house and spent 20+ years working in a haunted building. Nothing like seeing chairs move on their own and hearing voices. When I moved out of my parents house, the activity there stopped. So my family has decided that I attract the paranormal

  19. Since 1983, when the static people visited me at night, grabbed the back of my child head, and gave it a squeeze. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. For some people yes who have never experienced the paranormal, others, like myself, it's been apart of my life since at a very young age and probably always will. Things happen, and I acknowledge it then just go on about my life. That seems what works best for me.

  21. My first experience with a spirit was around a couple months ago after me and my friends found out our school library was haunted

  22. Back in 2017 my next door neighbour was stabbed to death by his wife (we later found out he was abusing her for years). Not long after his passing (a year later) we were experiencing paranormal activity in our house. We rent a small one bedroom flat. We would wake up to our lounge light turned on, sometimes the tv would turn on by itself. But the most intriguing time was when the lounge door opened on its own. I was truly convinced it was paranormal because to open the door as far as it went without anyone on the otherside takes a little strength because the bottom of the door begins to slide against the carpet & that’s exactly what it kept doing. One night it did the same thing and i decided to close it but the door felt like it had something pushing back on the other side. I let go of the handle and the door pushed open yet again i was doing this for a good minute with this thing. Funny thing is I haven’t experienced anything else since that year the neighbour died. Im assuming he has “crossed over”

  23. I was just commented on something like this the other day. For me it's been my whole life, or at least as long as I can remember. My mom told me she experiences paranormal stuff too but not nearly as much as when she was a little girl. The weird thing is that MOST of the stuff around me seems to be the same entity, I think. It's always where I live but it takes a few months to "find me" when I move. It just started back up again for me at home, (I moved in April). It makes my girlfriend really uncomfortable but it doesn't feel malicious.

  24. It can certainly (and most times will be) a sort of curse until you begin to understand and get used to it. From when I was little up until a few years ago I wanted to avoid it but just couldn't lol

  25. Yeah, if one gets too deep into things that may be going on in their homes, it can definitely cause more issues, that's why I shrug things off and go on. You also could be a medium of sorts. Just my personal opinion.

  26. Since before i can remember. Family has told me stories of me talking about ghosts but i was so young that i dont remember. The earliest that i know of is when i was 3 we lived in North Dakota and i never wanted to sleep in my room, always cried or screamed to get out and always ran out but never said anything to my parents until we moved. We were packing and i asked them "is the dark man coming with us?" My parents obviously freaked out said, "what do you mean?" and i apparently told them that at night a dark man would crawl through my window and watch me. Mind you my bedroom was on the second floor. dude would have to have a whole ladder to get up there every night just to stare at me. So as i said this my parents immediately thought it was a spirit of some kind. (my parents were always open minded and always believed me when i talked of bumps that go in the night. They never really brushed it off so whenever something happened they let me sleep with them.) After we moved though things got much worse in terms of "experiences" up until i moved out of our old house when i was 17.

  27. I was a young kid, maybe around 8. We moved into a new (to us) rental and we were in the middle of moving into it so we slept in the living room. The day we started all three of us kids were arguing who would get the big room, well the morning after we stayed the night there was a creepy drawing of a face on the inside of the closet door. I know my sister (14yo) didn't do it because she screamed and ran to my mom, my little brother was confused (he was 4yo).

  28. I was 11 when I had an actual experience, and it was my mom’s first experience too. It involved a ouija board, and in our family we can’t even mention it around my mom because it scared her so much she won’t talk about it. I‘ve had other experiences that were odd since, but there has always been some logical explanation that could explain whatever it was. Nothing could explain what happened when I was 11.

  29. Since I was old enough to sit in a high chair. The earliest one I remember was climbing up onto the kitchen counter, walking across it and something invisible setting me gently down to the floor. No one ever knew I used to climb up there. Well, almost no one.

  30. Sprinkle of it in childhood. Buffer period. Then it happened all at once and disappeared just as quickly

  31. Almost everyday for the past few months. I experience at least one strange thing per week at work. I also work somewhere where at least 5000+, maybe even 10,000 people have died over the past century.

  32. Interesting , the undeniable things started a couple of months after mine died, but both times it was not him, for sure. Do they detect the personal loss? Rhetorical question 🤔. Possibly coincidence, sure. Thanks for commenting!

  33. I’ve never seen anything paranormal except for a spirit orb a few years back, and my dad and brother saw a group of ufos (blinking then disappearing in the sky at night), but I have always been a STRONG believer of paranormal events and alternate dimensions, aliens, ghosts, fairies, anything. I have heard of my grandma/dad’s experiences with ghosts which are real, so there’s no question it’s fake. I’m always looking out for them but the only thing I can think of is a demonic experience when I was 3 when a large greyish hand with long nails reaching out for me in my parents’ bed, when I told my mom she told me it was a dream but I KNOW i was awake when it happened..

  34. That demonic experience is very paranormal and I'm sure it did freak you out. I had a similar experience, but, will share that in another post.

  35. My entire life pretty much. My first memories are me spending every other weekend with my Nanna Peggy to mmm and watching ghost hunters with her. That was our only bond. She passed when I was young and since then I felt like she was still kinda with me, she’d change our living room tv to ghost hunters all the time, drove my stepdad nuts. I then was watching A Haunting for the rest of my childhood, but stopped when we moved. I’m the only person in my immediate family to believe in the paranormal, my mom thinks it’s hogwash and calls me crazy when I talk about it. Currently every single day I watch ghost hunting channels on YouTube (Sam&Colby, Overnight, etc.)

  36. I’ve experienced things longer than my memory can take me, but my family remember when I was too young to recall that I was experiencing the paranormal. I don’t know of others in my family who’ve experienced it though. Honestly don’t think they’d tell anyone if they did.

  37. Pretty much my whole life. I've always had these two things that kind of follow me. Ones a lady in all black and the other is this black blob. A lot of possessions those around me had would often vanish and appear in weird places.

  38. I would say my earliest memory is around kindergarten. I had a imaginary friend who was actually a relative that had passed away in a farming accident. I found out about him from AncestryDNA. I probably have earlier ones but I don’t remember them.

  39. I had several experiences in my teens that were difficult to explain, which gave me enough interest to start investigating the paranormal. I've been investigating the paranormal now for almost 40 years.

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