I don't know what this is

  1. With what you're describing in that particular situation, probability points to an injury-deformed vet or someone with a major physical deformity/degenerative disease. The places where they were seen, how they were dressed, their behavior: all indicators. I'm sure there are faceless entities out there but this was probably not one of them. Next time you see them donate a dollar (or ask if they need help)! That will also give you the excuse to get closer and confirm their identity.

  2. I like your thought on this. The power of suggestion is strong enough to conjure up something like this. In fact it's how most cryptids and humanoids are probably created. Nicely put.

  3. There are many reported cases of this sort of encounter,many in people's homes. No one is sure what they are but most consider it a harbinger misfortune.

  4. That's really creepy and i remembered when reading this that my family all seen someone who was homeless looking and had no face. We were going to the smokie mountains in Tennessee and i seen it, but after driving for hours thought I was just tired until my daughter said "that person had no face". I remember the goosebumps i got when she said that, I got them again writing this. Oddly enough i remember a read hoodie and blue sweatpants. I completely forgot about it happening, I wonder if that's part of what it does to some people.. Makes them forget. I would definitely like to hear more information if anyone has any.

  5. I think the fact that this seems to only occur with homeless people is a clue as to what might be going on. It’s interesting that people say they don’t have a feeling or fear or malevolence, other than the natural fear that might occur from being so startled from a sight like that. Homelessness is a condition that sucks all of the physical and spiritual energy out of you, and that would attract entities that are not necessarily scary or bad, but just empty and weak. A faceless person is a great way to represent emptiness or losing their own spiritual identity. They have no face, no meaning. They have lost themselves. I think people may be seeing that depleted and depressed entity that is attracted to homeless people and possibly living inside of them.

  6. I've seen a humanoid creature with no face before. It was incredibly evil, but it also was bald and had almost deer-like legs. What did the figure you see look like other than the no-face part?

  7. Just like a person. It looked totally normal except for not having a face, that's why I didn't know what was weird about it.

  8. I have three friends who are notably honest and reliabke people. Two of which told me a story about a trip back to Toronto from Northern Ontario.

  9. Skinwalker was my first thought, but it was out in the middle of a big city and didn't seem to be doing anything at all. I am absolutely terrified of the idea of a skinwalker and I do everything in my power to stay far away from them. There's also been evidence of a Haint around my neighborhood, but I don't think that's what my sister saw. Also despite not being scared of it, I would never interact with something unless I knew what it was.

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