Discussion: Haven’t experienced anything paranormal in a long time

  1. It’s been about 20 years for me (since college). But this stuff is weird. In my experience, it’s never encountered where you expect. Our hundreds and hundreds of year old house = nothing. A place built in the 70’s by a ski lodge = experience. A new place built by my BIL as a vacation home = experience. No idea why that is ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. I did see some very unusual things a s a child. Shadow figures twice, each time a different one standing behind doorways. For some reason doorways are a thing, if you look up peoples renditions there’s a lot of them standing in doorways so when I see that I know they are serious. Once I even saw 2 figures made of something like TV static and they picked me up and carried me out of my room and I looked one right in the face and said “you’re not my parents” and don’t remember anything afterwards. I’m 41 now, and nearly a decade ago I did see an orb for my first time. Floated right by my bedroom doorway, right outside of it. Green glowing orb, and the thing is that it didn’t freak me out at all. Maybe because it didn’t come inside the room and wasn’t threatening. But there are many nights, almost every night that I get anxiety waiting for one of those figures to show back up. I’ve typed “beings made of static” into google and it takes me to Reddit and there’s someone else’s experience. They aren’t lying.

  3. It was getting worse and worse slowly through my life. A little bit when I was little. Then we moved and through the four years there it slowed down to where I only experienced a couple things there. What I did see there, though, was big turning points in my life. I.e. possession and then getting saved afterward. Than we moved to an apartment where a satanist lived as our neighbor. Not the nice kind. The school shooter sacrificial kind. And paranormal activity was getting more and more frequent and I saw stranger and stranger things until I prayed to God about it for about a week. That week was absolute hell and I could feel a bigger than life pressure on everything in that building. And then poof. No bad feeling, no seeing, no nothing. And my final experience was an invisible hand caressing my cheek and patting my head. Never again have i ever had an experience after that. Feels like i went through a meandering horror movie with a happy ending but i missed out on the actual action.

  4. I think that if you are capable of experiencing things then it will happen throughout your life. But maybe you no longer live where you did in your freshman year of college, or maybe, like you said, you've been too busy to notice some of the less extreme types of things. I think that as the locations and people in your life change, then so may the number of experiences you have.

  5. People talk about the pineal gland calcifying with age, and it does do that, but I don't know how related it is. Some people continue to get experiences as they age, but for me, it did diminish substantially.

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