What happened to agression

  1. Having aggressive, high kill games ended by passive or less experienced players is just a consequence of playing aggressively. I also love playing like this and I've accepted that it's unlikely to end with a dinner and try to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

  2. It's not even losing games, it's that every fight becomes a giant bore when they absolutely refuse to peek. Unless your back is turned then the cowards are all ready to shoot. Jesus when did everyone turn into giant pussies.

  3. The game went free to play. Lots of people aren’t confident in their abilities I imagine so they sit and wait for the ambush. Ranked is really bad right now for this.

  4. So by saying that you are having to wait till they peek what are you doing in this time? Sitting behind a wall or object? Are you pushing them? PUBG isn't cod or apex. Using cover to your advantage a bore or not everybody's gotta move sometime. Complaining about the way other people play is pretty lame. But then again it's your world and we are all just living in it.

  5. I will stand in an open window or even out in the open and they won't peek, I'll push their house and they won't peek.

  6. You’re playing TPP, what do you expect. It’s the best tactic to lick walls and and just wait for someone to come by and line up your shot without exposing yourself. But seriously, how else are you going to see your sick new bunny costume you bought. That’s when the game gets good, licking rocks admiring my outfits.

  7. So people be camping? Maybe they are changing their kids butt, meeting the Uber eats driver outside, or looking for their lighter that they swear they just had only to realize it's in their hand the whole time. Who knows why mad men do what they do. If your aggressive and you get the kill good deal your playing your way and they are playing theirs.

  8. Because third person peeking is disgustingly strong. They should do what SOCOM did back in the day and make your gun go “hot” when enemies are close.

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