for old pubgers what are pubg names you see on the kill feed often but don't know who they are?

  1. Mayor of Pecado. Priest of Pecado. And others. Saw them all the time but not recently. We would have a lot of fights over the years.

  2. I see that Mayor of Pecado a lot too. Great name. I may be mistaken but I think he was mayor of pochinki in the past?

  3. I’ve wiped them and the pubg report was so funny. They seemed like good guys, not bad at the game

  4. GunnyA7X- have killed him multiple times. My teammate has killed him as well. He loves to message people telling them they are modded garbage and to enjoy their BAN. Well, still not banned there Gunny. This happened in the course of a year and a half. Hopefully I’ll kill him again in PUB soon and receive another spiteful message.

  5. Haven’t faced him in a while but my friends and I were convinced this Jeemz guy was hacking because he killed our entire squad with one clip of the mk14. Friend quickly googled him and we went “yeah that makes sense now”

  6. HOF clan, but I haven’t played squads in months. They land apartments and will camp 3rd floor for 10-15 minutes. So you walk in and get obliterated, lol.

  7. DS clan and STFD clan seem to find their way into a lot of my games. DS seems good, STFD sometimes seems shady…

  8. DarthSMorg owns me 😂 I keep losing to this dude and leaving him with one HP but I FINALLY roasted him one time.

  9. Ima a NA Player . I’ve always wonder if people know my name . (PizzaManDan) also i miss playing against Nacy graces anus lol

  10. I play in NA and I don't recognize you, mostly squads and casuals, but FPP i do pop into other queues too, ill watch for you though! I am SilkRobe_BabyBoi

  11. What i noticed is that pubg bots use nicknames of banned cheaters. I died to kar98__head a few times on sanhok when he was blatantly cheating, but now his account is immortalized in a bot spiritz

  12. I get killed by Tako Chako all the time! The dude is a beast and I feel could be pro 1 day. He sometimes posts on reddit about catching cheaters. I guess he just has that 6th sense about who's cheating, ect.. I heard he's super handsome too and mega rich! Married to a playboy bunny, and can play pubg with his eyes closed! He is, the most interesting man alive!

  13. I see the name Taco_Nante come up in the casual kill feed… The dude is a freaking bot slayer. 20 + kills no problem. They say the bots can’t even dodge his bullets.

  14. My buddy and I only play duos and we see the same names a lot and will go out of our way to hunt them down. The main ones are Caboose and StickInYurFace as well as this guy MasonJarsForMary

  15. I’m always fighting this guy named 6NIGHT9 or some shit like that in NA solo hot drops. We have gone back & forth but he is pretty good.

  16. I feel like I know who most of them are, but there’s this one guy named spaartan or something like that who seems like a beast but never get paired up with or know anything about the dude

  17. Playing since beta , tag is dLENS. I’m sure I’ve seen some of you out there. I always have voice chat on so if we run into each other make sure to talk some shit haha

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