I should have died 😬

  1. Sounds like the smart thing to do. So they don't tell their buddy that he's healing or whatever and he pushes at the wrong time.

  2. This is tpp, they shouldn’t be pushing to begin with. They have a strong disadvantage with the position. Just wait behind a wall and let someone go around if posible.

  3. Not to knock this play at all but this showcases exactly why I dont like TPP. You could clearly see where they were coming up the stairs and they had no idea you were there waiting for them.

  4. its a lot easier to anticipate an opponents movements when you can see around corners using TPP. Play that out in FPP.

  5. Experienced tpp squads don't push like that. They try to locate enemy position by footsteps first, then throwables, stun then push based on footstep direction. Pushing stair is very difficult in tpp so people use shotgun and pre aim corners.

  6. Damn you! It’s clips like this that make me want to go for that last kill every time but I get get merked.

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