Update 19.1 | Map Service Update

  1. Is there anyway to get a developer or whoever makes the decisions for the map rotation to give us a reason why they remove Vikendi so much?

  2. Please... Played Haven once and never again. Always left after the count began. Karakin is the best small map.

  3. Why not just split into big and small map queues? Like one playlist that includes Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Deston. The other Playlist Sanhok, Haven, karakin, paramo? Still don’t know why vikendi get so less love…

  4. Please just put Haven in customs. 20% of the player base loves it and 80% hates it. Those ratios are fine to split the queues with.

  5. Honestly these guys would get rid of Erangel and Mirimar too if they could. PUBG-family basically underwent a divorce and remarriage - and the new step-parent prefers their own kids to the step-kids they “inherited”. Egotistical, stupid.

  6. It is so silly that pubg always keeps these two maps in, and keeps making more maps, all to a constantly declining player base.

  7. Haven is one of the best maps of the best maps on pub a lot of people just dont like it cause they are trash at shooting up close 🤷‍♂️😂😂😂

  8. All the steamers bitch about Vikendi so that's what we're stuck with even though most regular players, at worst, are perfectly fine with Vikendi.

  9. would love to see them take mirimar out of the rotation for once. I like the map, but sometimes I dont want to play a long ass match.

  10. Miramar is hardly much longer than the other 8x8's. Like a few minutes and thats IF you're reaching the end every single miramar.

  11. Beyond annoying that pubg insists on keeping Miramar and Erangel in, while they keep on making new maps with an ever dwindling player base.

  12. They are finally doing region specific map pools. Thank you. Now I can stop dropping out of Sanhok matches.

  13. Why can't just pubg make a timed map rotation per hour like in apex but 2 or 3 maps will be available to queue.

  14. Old vikendi needs to comeback. Snow mobiles, all the old drops like volnova, kresnic and tovar. The snow all needs to come back. I miss the old vikendi so bad.

  15. 13 downvotes wow. I guess this sub hates the smaller maps. I like them, gets me to the action faster and usually quicker dinners.

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