The Callisto Protocol - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

  1. im pretty sure this was the dead space spiritual successor essentially. Pretty sure the dev team are some split offs from visceral games, or at least the founder Glen Schofield was in charge of visceral

  2. I’m totally a bitch when it comes to horror movies and games, but I’m still gonna buy it because it looks so good! I’ll just scream every 5 minutes.

  3. I love the health bar on the neck, one of my favorite parts of Dead Space was the lack of HUD and having all that stuff physically on the character. Going blow the dust off the PS3 and play Dead Space again.

  4. Yea i didnt really care for the remake cause i like Dead Space 2 more, but i was going to get it since horror games lacking and nothing compares to dead space.

  5. I more excited for the Remake. They've shown some super deep dives into its development. I'm excited for Callisto Protocol but they just haven't shown very much of it.

  6. This is way beyond my expectations when it was originally announced. Looks absolutely insane and I cannot wait to play it/cry

  7. Only thing that bothers me is the console’s this is being made for. Originally this was supposed to be only ps5, xbsx/s, and pc.

  8. I legit thought this was the renamed Dead Space remake and was like damn, they really improved since they showed it off last😭

  9. This game looks amazing. I really hope this game turns out amazing. Dead Space is one of my favorites

  10. Well, that's that. No way I'm gonna be able to play through this thing 😱 Guess I might as well just not bother with Dead Space remake either!

  11. So....Dead Space then. This is good. I'm happy to see a game that looks just like Dead Space should have after EA destroyed it with DS3. I'm not a huge fan of survival horror, but I am a huge fucking fan of sci fi, and this looks to scratch that itch in a big way.

  12. Man, if this is all in-engine really running on a PS5/XSX, it may well be one of the most impressive visuals in a current gen game so far. Those close-ups of the protagonist's face, in particular, are insane.

  13. Yep this is from the deadspace developers alright (and im hella excited). And the best part is if you pay attention at the end of the trailer, like the last 15 seconds you can see the main character just die in different ways, like it will have the iconic unique deaths from different (monsters?/callisto?) Like in deadspace. As fuck as it sounds i loved those.

  14. Really looking forward to this, i thought i was only waiting for Ragnarok (i mean, i will get others probably, but really Ragnarok was the one that got most of my attention, now i can add this one for sure)

  15. i don’t really care for basic character models but this guys face looks so fitting. like an actual bad ass’ reaction to some intense shit.

  16. This looks really good you can the homage to dead space in it, but with a fresh look and those graphics are looking good as well

  17. This looks phenomenal. Legit thought it was a new Dead Space while the trailer was playing so makes sense that it’s being developed by the OG crew. Definitely going to buy this

  18. God damn this looks good. I've never played dead space but this looks amazing. Probably my favorite trailer from this event, and it's coming this year!

  19. How am I just now hearing about this game? I was a huge DS1 and DS2 fan, I heard about the remake, but not a peep about this game until today. Maybe I’m just living under a rock but I feel like this hasn’t really been hyped up as much as it deserves.

  20. Schofields vision for the original dead space launched one of my favorite scifi and horror franchises. So excited for this, looks fantastic, cant wait to see what he can do with the massive technology advancements seeing as the original dead space had a lot cut back in terms of unique enemies

  21. Anyone else think the narrator is the main character/ a voice in his head? What if he's got split personality disorder? Among other things... Either way, I'm too stoked for this. I'm even tempted to pre-order this one

  22. Question. When it says "captured on next gen hardware" do they just mean the PS5/Xbox, or could it be on a PS5 pro? I just don't get why it didnt just say "captures on a PS5"

  23. Definitely meaning PS5 and Xbox Series. We are 18 months into the current generation but the transition from the previous one has been so slow that if they said "current hardware"instead, many would be confused.

  24. The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space back to back in December and January! Followed by Resident Evil 4 in March and Resident Evil Village VR when PS VR2 launches early 2023!

  25. Just judging by the Showcase Trailer, this game is gonna be freaky, creepy and scary as hell playing with my Pulse 3D Headset on late in the night.

  26. I know the game is made by Dead Space devs but from the first trailer and the information on the website, I still hoped it would be more about being hunted down by monsters rather than action oriented and killings hundreds of monsters. Oh well... I will continue to wait for my Alien Isolation successor.

  27. this looks incredible. unfortunately I can't stand horror movies and videogames (interactive horror movies) are ten times worse for me 🙈

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