as someone who has played since launch, I want to see how well (or not well) I do

  1. Ehh bastion? everyone else that I think of is already fast with abilities included, which I'm unsure if they count.

  2. When you are angry so you get on to play a shooter but are to bad to hit the enemies so you have to shoot your friends instead (I main her aswell)

  3. you see i know this is wrong but my mind goes to the cree lifeguard skin and it makes me think of that one hasselhoff scene in the spongebob movie

  4. you can mix the “i’m going to make you punch drunk” and “hot cocoa??” voice lines to say “i’m going to make you hot cocoa” and it’s very #wholesome to do after getting flashbanged and right clicked for the fiftieth time

  5. I have all the golds and you’re still mad at me. I will point this out and you will still say I am soft throwing without any self awareness.

  6. Carries individuals around at relatively high speed, may or may not trip everyone over every few minutes. Sometimes likes to send things through things that usually halt other things. Definitely not my flair it's lying to you

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