Community survey

  1. A feature that communicates a business plan for current and announced operations for the rest of calendar year, and how it plans to achieve whatever short and long term goals would be useful.

  2. If I could have something it would be for prices to be actually live time and not have to refresh. This is the biggest disadvantage we have against arb bots that use direct interfaces to the blockchain to query data, but is easier said than done and also complicates UX. Perhaps enabling it as an advanced trader feature like Astroport has so that you could disable warnings and confirmations and 1 click trade as well.

  3. I really want to be able to right click and open pools in a new tab. That’s like the biggest thing I want

  4. If you receive a private message from someone claiming to be Support/Mod Team/ or Osmosis: it is a scam. Please do not engage. Someone will be with you in the public chat shortly.

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