Proposal #231: Enable Superfluid Staking on OSMO/JUNO

  1. The APR on that pool has dropped to a point (~37%) that even with Superfluid staking, you'd be better off staking OSMO and JUNO separately. And if you stake there's no risk of IL. If you want those assets in a pool, the JUNO/OSMO pool on Junoswap is currently paying a much higher APR.

  2. Honestly and it hurts me saying this, you are best off removing your pools in general. Osmo price has taken a HUGE beating and with emission rate lessening by June, rewards will go down even more. Once that takes place, people will get out driving price down more. I own a decent stack of osmo and seen it’s value driven down by almost 8 times. I hope I am wrong…

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