Proposal #186: Launch the Osmosis Grants Program

  1. This reminds me LFG in Terra, really hyped we are going to be building onto Osmosis. I think everyone forgets that we are a layer1 and building out can go as far as our imagination (and funding) will take us.

  2. Yep - while not modeled after LFG specifically, we think a basic grants program is a valuable thing for any DeFi protocol, i.e.

  3. I've been keeping an eye on this discussion, as I'm very optimistic for this one. The ability to quickly fund new projects will be of benefit to Osmosis (and us holders) . The proposal is sound, funding is reasonable for what is being suggested. The website and start list looks promising.

  4. I would prefer if the proposal opened it for 6 months, with a mandatory renewal and a default action of the funds returning to the community if there wasn't enough ongoing support for it.

  5. Out of curiosity, are there any projects that have been in touch already since the grant program has been publicly discussed on the commonwealth? And if so, are there any that are from teams not directly connected to Osmosis currently who are looking for something cool to build or add to Osmosis? This question helps me (and I imagine anybody following along) understand if there's already some amount of outside developer interest.

  6. A few teams have reached out with an interest in getting funding, though we have not formally began conversations as the program has not started and we don't want to get ahead of things. Some of these folks have been from outside the Osmosis community

  7. Exciting to see what comes from this program. Osmosis is uniquely positioned as a first mover on it's own sovereign DEX. It allows for the development of a wide range of new features/projects to further propell Osmosis and add value to the Osmosis ecosystem.

  8. What is the overall aim of the program? What are the qualifying criteria for potential grant recipients? How will awarded grants be allocated/dispersed (e.g. all at once, spread out, or what)? What checks will be put in place to make sure grant recipients are holding up their end of the bargain?

  9. oh yeah, im voting NO since id rather the ability to be presented a full briefing as to why a project deserves financing (with links) and then the 7 entities listed, can assist in their growth upon the communities approval

  10. I think the simple response to that is, get more involved with the process. Make your voice known, give good arguments and help build the logic that the protocol is driven by. While you may prefer to be apart of the process more, don't rely on others to bring the process to you. Osmosis resources are fantastic and getting better by the day, so dive deep and get more involved.

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